IGNOU MCA Course 2023 - Master Of Computer Application

For candidates who want to earn a master's degree in computer applications to advance their jobs but are unable to attend regular sessions, online MCA degrees have been designed. These days, computers are used in almost every aspect of life. You can run a range of different types of software on a computer system for a variety of different purposes, ranging from simple document generating to space data processing. But how does the software get executed by the computer hardware? The answer to this essential query is contained in this course.

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last date of admission to ignou courses in the july cycle extended till 9 September 2023. click to know the details

Admissions at IGNOU take place twice a year, between January and July (academic year). To keep informed about the July admissions information for the IGNOU MCA course, visit our website. As per IGNOU regulations, you may submit an application for the course up till the deadline. Applications are accepted from students for a variety of bachelor's, master's, diploma, postgraduate diploma, and certificate programmes (both programme and honours courses). The IGNOU MCA programme will accept applications twice a year, in January and July. To stay up to speed on the course entrance dates, stay in touch with us.

Key Highlights- Online MCA from IGNOU

For your reference, the following are some of the program's key highlights for the online MCA degree from IGNOU. An overview of the Online MCA at Ignou course is given by each of the components listed below. Continue reading each section to discover important details about the course.

Course Fee

₹ 72,000

The overall cost of the IGNOU MCA programme is Rs. 72,000. The goal of the MCA programme is to provide graduate students with a world-class learning and research environment in order to prepare them for lucrative careers in academia and the software industry. Six semesters make up the entire online MCA programme, which costs 72,000 multiplied by six equals Rs. 12,000 every semester. Students who find it difficult to pay the whole amount of Rs. 72,000 in one go must eventually pay Rs. 12,000 each semester.

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Eligibility Criteria


Working professionals can continue their education while working thanks to IGNOU. Because of this, IGNOU permits an additional three years to complete the degree, whereas MCA is generally a three-year programme. The IGNOU programme is the best option for people who need to study in addition to their employment because of its adaptability and cost. The curriculum at IGNOU makes a difference by encouraging students to learn more, which produces the best-trained computer technicians. Additionally, students who are professionals in the workplace are exposed to actual circumstances.

Course Duration

3-6 Years

IGNOU licenses working experts to continue with their higher finding out about and continue to work. That is the reason the term of MCA, which generally is a 3-year course, IGNOU licenses three extra years to add up to the course. The flexibility and sensibility of the program at IGNOU make it the ideal program for people who need to concentrate on more along with the jobs.IGNOU program significantly impacts the understudies to initiate the advanced degree of discovery that delivers the best-learned PC technologists. Additionally, the understudies who are working experts are exposed to functional openness.

Admission Procedure 2023

IGNOU accepts new students twice a year, in January and July, for its online MCA programmes. The first week of June will mark the start of the July session's admissions period. Students are accepted straight into IGNOU's online and distance learning MCA programmes. IGNOU's MCA programmes give students a thorough understanding of software and computer applications. Students are also given instruction in a range of computer languages as part of the course.

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Syllabus 2023

The MCA programme at IGNOU is designed to give students in-depth understanding of and skills in computer software and applications. The information in this training course is created to give students the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the business world of today. IGNOU updates their curriculum every six months to give students the most recent information. The IGNOU MCA brochure contains the course syllabus, albeit it is presented in a confusing way. The first through sixth semesters of the IGNOU MCA Syllabus have all undergone revisions to make them easier to understand.

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For computer graduates who want to continue their education while working, the MCA programme at IGNOU is the best option. When it comes to gaining additional knowledge or even pursuing a PhD in the field for the doctorate degree, IGNOU MCA makes a difference. Students are also exposed to higher-level employment profiles across numerous MNCs and areas of the information technology sector after completing the MCA programme. As India's information technology sector grows, students have posted employment in numerous government-sponsored businesses that require the specific abilities of MCA professionals.

IGNOU Distance MCA - Detailed Program Description

Soon admission information for online MCA programmes will be released. MCA programme admissions will take place twice a year in January and July. IGNOU's MCA programme has a competitive admissions process. In order to enrol in the IGNOU MCA programme, you must have graduated. The IGNOU MCA programme is a time- and money-efficient choice, which adds to its appeal to students.

A parliamentary act created the Indira Gandhi National Open University in 1985. It is the most well-known open and distance learning university in India and provides a wide variety of courses to learners from around the globe. Interested candidates can enrol in one of the university's MCA, or Masters in Computer Application, degrees. This course is offered to students by the institution online.

Students who take MCA online courses leave with a comprehensive understanding of the world of software and computer applications. Students will be exposed to the subject both academically and practically if they earn an MCA degree. This course is for you if you're interested in learning computer language. A bachelor's degree in any field is required for applicants to the IGNOU MCA programme.

Working professionals who are currently employed in some capacity and lack the time required to participate in regular sessions in order to pursue a higher degree may particularly benefit from this course. Students would finally be able to advance in their careers thanks to the online MCA courses' enhanced knowledge and skills.


There is just a single MCA course task that should be put together by the understudy for the last, most important test. The college has picked the last date. Every understudy should introduce the occupation at the closest review place before the last day with the goal that any limitations are stayed away from before the last assessment. On the authority IGNOU site, you can scan the subjects for the MCA mission.

Term - End Examination

M.Tech's printed curriculum is sent by IGNOU to the student's correspondence address. The cost of the training equipment is included in the MTech programme fee. The training is conceived by the finest IIM and IIT instructors. IGNOU's printed study material is world-class in terms of its information and content.

Online Study Material

IGNOU likewise offers understudies online substance in different organizations. The test material is a digital book rendition of print concentrate on material. The college has made programming that permits understudies to download and see their books. Understudies can likewise get the talks that are accessible in this application.


The IGNOU Distance B.Sc assessment is there into two sections: Assignments and Semester Exams are the two kinds of tests. Tasks get a 30% weighting in the last stamping framework, while the Term-End Examination or Semester tests get a 70% weighting. To finish the course, the understudy should breeze through the test with a base score of 40%.

Semester Exam

A term test is held two times every year at the University, in June and December. You'll have the option to take the test whenever you've finished your illustration. The term-end test is the most basic part of the evaluation interaction, with a 70 percent weighting on the eventual outcome. According to schedule, you should finish and apply the survey structure.

System of Information

The showing technique at IGNOU varies from that of customary colleges. The Open University's construction is more understudy focused, with understudies effectively taking part in their schooling. Sound video administrations broadcast on radio and TV are being utilized as self-learning materials. Meetings of video chatting Guidance on a one-on-one premise Consider Scholastic Counselors' Centers. Educational activities/Practicals/Thesis/Extend work.


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