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Admissions Open
Admission to IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre in 2023: The deadline to submit an application for admission to IGNOU Delhi-3 for the January 2023 session was March 31, 2023.

Admission to IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre in 2023: The deadline to submit an application for admission to IGNOU Delhi-3 for the January 2023 session was March 31, 2023. The regional centre provides management, psychology, and performing arts disciplines with undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programs in education, health sciences, agriculture, foreign languages, food technology, computer sciences, and information technology. Before the deadline, candidates may apply. In 2008, the IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre was founded. Dr. Rajendra Gujral is the centre’s regional director. It sought to highlight the abilities and knowledge of the residents of West Delhi and the Gurugram region.

There are 54 Learner Aid Hubs at IGNOU Delhi. It has control over a large area, including Mundka, PeeraGarhi, Mahipalpur, Kapasera, Uttam Nagar, and Janakpuri. The Gurugram and Mewat areas of Haryana, along with South West and West Delhi, have been crucial to the success of IGNOU University Delhi.


Highlights of the IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre

Regional centre                                    IGNOU -Delhi-3 Regional Centre

Regional Director (I/C)                        Dr. A. M. Saklani

Location                                                Delhi-3, New Delhi

Email                                                      [email protected]

Pin Code                                                110045

Established                                            2008

Admission to IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre in 2023

At this time, IGNOU Delhi-3 will begin the registration process for the July session. Students can then submit an entrance application via the school's official website. On the day that the papers are due, approval is requested. On its website, RC also publishes a learning list. It contains all of the essential entry-method information. The Academic Plan is still accepting payments as of the last date for joining and offering fees. In the Open and Distance Learning Mode, this RC offers a variety of instructional lists.


Application Process for Regional Centre IGNOU Delhi-3

Delhi-3 IGNOU Degrees in Masters and Bachelors, Post-Graduate and Advanced Tickets, Diplomas, Post-Graduate and Advanced Diplomas, Innovative Programs, and other Records are all acceptable forms of admission. These programs' primary objectives are the expert and individual advancement of skills and data. Students can receive appropriate assistance from the student help centre, which is also located on the ground floor of the RC building.


Fee Schedule for IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre in 2023

Course                                                        Duration                        Fees

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)               3 years                           14000

Bachelor of Science (BSc)                         3 years                           14000

Bachelor of Library and                            3 years                           14000

Information Science (BLIS)

Bachelor of English (BA)                           3 years                           14000

Bachelor of Education (BEd)                    3 years                           14000

Bachelor of Computer                               3 years                          14000

Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)               3 years                          14000

Bachelor of Arts                                         3 years                           14000

(Tourism Studies) (BTS)

Master of Science                                      2 years                          15000

Degree in Dietetics and

Food Service Management

(M Sc (DFSM))

Master of Arts (Sociology) (MSO)            2 years                        15000

Master of Arts (Rural                                 2 years                         15000

Development) (MARD)

Master of Arts (Public                               2 years                         15000

Administration) (MPA)

Master of Arts (Political                            2 years                         15000

Science) (MPS)

Master of Arts                                            2 years                         15000

(History) (MAH)

Master of Arts                                            2 years                         15000

(Hindi) (MHD)

Master of Arts                                            2 years                         15000

(English) (MEG)  

Master of Arts (Economics) (MEC)          2 years                        15000 

Master of Arts (Tourism                            2 years                        15000

Management) (MTM) 

Master of Arts(Education) (MA (Edu))   2 years                        15000    

Master of Commerce (MCom)                2 years                        15000

Master of Computer                                 2 years                        15000

Applications (MCA)

Master of Library and                               2 years                        15000

Information Science (MLIS)

Bachelor Preparatory                               3 years                         35000
Programme (BPP)

BSc Nursing (Post                                      3 years                         37000

Basic) (BScN(PB))

Bachelor of Education (BEd)                   3 years                         8700

Bachelor Preparatory                              3 years                          8700

Programme (BPP)

Bachelor of Computer                             3 years                         7400

Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)              3 years                         7400

BSc Nursing (Post Basic) (BScN(PB))      3 years                         7400

Bachelor of Commerce                            3 years                         6100

with Major in Accountancy

and Finance (BCom(A&F))

Bachelor of Science (BSc)                        3 years                         6100

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)              3 years                         4800

Bachelor of Library and                           3 years                          4800

Information Science (BLIS)

Bachelor of Arts (Tourism                         3 years                      3500

Studies) (BTS)

Bachelor of English (BA)                           3 years                       3500


IGNOU Delhi Activity for Students

IGNOU Delhi-3 After Admission A brief report of Activities at IGNOU Delhi University:

Swachhta Pakhwara 

Base Day Celebration

Admission Promotion Tactics

Conduct of TEPE

International Yoga Day 

Extended Contact list of PGDM

Meeting Event

National Voters Day 

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

SwachhtaPakhwara – Swachhta Hi Sewa Campaign 

Orientation plan of Principals and exam Supt. of KVS

Orientation details for Academic Counsellors of North Zone RCs for MEC plan

Orientation record for Academic Counsellors of North Zone RCs for BSc, PGDAC and CPLT


IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre Distance Programmes

IGNOU Delhi-3 UG Admission 2023

Courses Name                       Eligibility                             Duration

BA Psychology                       12th                                       3 Years

BA                                                                                          3 Years

BTS                                                                                        3 Years

B.Com                                                                                   3 Years

BCA                                                                                       3 Years

B.ED                                        Graduation                          2 Years

BA in English                          12th                                       3 Years

BLIS                                                                                       1 Years

BSW                                                                                      3 Years

Bsc (General)                                                                      3 years

B.sc(Hons) in Optometry                                                  3 Years

Ophthalmic Techniques

B.Sc N(PB)                                                                           3 years


IGNOU Delhi-3 PG Admission 2023     

Courses Name                       Eligibility                             Duration

MA Gender and                    Graduation                          2 Years

development studies 

MA English                                                                           2 Years

MA Hindi                                                                              2 Years 

MA History                                                                           2 Years

MA Philosophy                                                                    2 Years

MA in Psychology                                                               2 Years

MSW                                                                                     2 Years

MA Economics                                                                    2 Years

MA Political Science                                                           2 Years

MA Rural Development                                                     2 Years

MA Education                                                                      2 Years

MBA                                                                                      2 Years

M.com                                                                                  2 Years

MCA                                                                                      2 Years

MLIS                                                                                      1 Years   

M Sc(DFSM)                                                                         2 Years

MA Public Administration                                                 2 Years

MA Sociology                                                                      2 Years

MA Tourism Management                                                2 Years

MA Extension &                                                                  2 Years                                                                

Development Studies     

M.SC (CFT)                                                                            2 Years  


IGNOU Delhi-3 Diploma Admission 2023

Diploma in BPO Finance (DBPOFA)

Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting (DBPO(FA))

Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE)

Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi (DCH)

Diploma in Critical Care Nursing (DCCN)

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (DECE)

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)

Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS)

Diploma in Women’s Empowerment & Development (DWED)

Diploma in Youth in Development Work (DCYP)


IGNOU Delhi-3 Certificate Admission 2023

Certificate in Communication Skills for BPO, ITeS, and Related Sectors (CCSS)

Certificate in Entrepreneurship (CIE)

Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)

Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)

Certificate in Diabetes Care for Community Workers (CDCW)

Certificate in Lifelong Learning (CELL)

Certificate in NGO Management (CNM)

Certificate in Nutrition and Childcare (CNCC)

Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)

Certificate in Guidance (CIG)

Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)

Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)

Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF)

Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)

Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (CSWCJS)

Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTE)

Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)







Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL)

Certificate in Visual Arts – Applied Arts (CVAA)

Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting (CVAP)

Certificate Programme in Functional English (Basic level) (CFE)

Certificate Programme Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)


IGNOU Delhi-3 PG and Advance Diploma Admission 2023

PG Diploma in Translation (PGDT)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (PGDIPR)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Participatory Management of Displacement Resettlement and Rehabilitation (PGDMRR)

Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management (PGDDM)

Post Graduate Diploma In Radio Pasdaran (PGDRP)

Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education: Participatory Adult Learning, Documentation and Information Networking (PGDAE)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development (PGDESD)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Extension and Development Studies (PGDEDS)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management (PGDFSQM)

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security (PGDIS)

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Radio Programme Production (PGDRPP)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDSW)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work among the Tribals (PGDSWT)

Program on participatory management of displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (PGCMRR)


PG and Advance Certificate

Advanced Certificate in Information Security (ACISE)


Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL)


Doctoral Degree

Post Doctoral Certificate in Dialysis Medicine (PDCDM)


Non-Credit Programmes

Certificate in Motor Cycle Service and Repair (CMSR)


IGNOU Delhi-3 Regional Centre Regular Programmes:

PG and Advance Diploma

Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC)

Staff Details

S. No.                  Staff Name                                 Designation

1                          Dr. Sanjeev Pandey                  Regional Director

2                          Dr. Indrani Lahiri                       Asst. Regional Director

                                                                                (Sr. Scale)         

3                          Dr. Ekta Sharma                        Asst. Regional Director

                                                                                (Sr. Scale)         


4                          Ms. Amrit Kaur                         Sr. Assistant

5                          Sh Arun Kujur                           Asst. Executive (DP)

6                          Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh       Personal Asst. it

7                          Ms. Geeta Sharda                    Asst. Registrar

8                          Sh Mahabir Prasad                  Section officer

9                          Dr. S. K. Mohanty                    Assistant Regional


10                       Mr. Ramneek Singh                  SPA

11                       Sh Prabhunath Manjhi             Assistant

12                       Sh Pappu Sah Gond                   Assistant

13                       Mr. C. L Mahato                          Assistant

14                       Ms Garima Shrivastava              JAT

15                       Mr. Naveen Kumar                     JAT

16                       Sh Sushil Kumar Soni                 Attendant



Out of many facilities open at IGNOU Delhi, some of the main are:

Easy cover rules

Helpful records

Classified Library

Competent Student Support Services

Pre-admission counselling for the prospective students

Conducting Induction Meeting

Counselling Sessions with LSC monitoring.

Conducting Practical Contact sessions

Conducting Examination

Organizing Meeting functions at the RC level

Action on Student cases


IGNOU Delhi-3 RC Contact Details

Address: Delhi Library Association Building, Ranganathan Bhawan, C-Block, Community Centre, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi-110028

E-mail: [email protected]