IGNOU BBA Syllabus Subject Wise - Guide 2023 [Download PDF]
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The IGNOU BBA curriculum aids students in acquiring a general understanding of business, marketing, and retail management. One of the most renowned and established universities was founded in 1985 and is called the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau, AICTE, and NAAC have all granted IGNOU accreditation with an A++ grade.

The UGC regulations were taken into consideration when designing the syllabus for all IGNOU programmes, including BBA. In honour of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, a public institution known as the Indira Gandhi National Open Institution (IGNOU) is run by the Indian government. It was established in 1985 with a budget of Rs. 20 million, making it one of the biggest open universities in the world. In India, IGNOU offers 227 programs through 67 regional centres and 21 schools. With its primary centre in New Delhi, it is approved by the NCTE and the AICTE. IGNOU offers distance learning for BA, BSW, BCA, MCA, M.Com, MSC, event management, environmental studies, information security, performing arts, tourism studies, and other UG, PG, and diploma & certificate degrees.

What Are the Subjects/Syllabus in IGNOU BBA?

IGNOU's online BBA program is delivered in an annual rather than a semester-based format. IGNOU BBA students will gain from having a thorough understanding of managerial concepts in business. Students are required to take term-end exams once a year due to the yearly format. These are the topics covered by IGNOU's distance learning BBA program:


Year 1

- Overview of Retailing

- Retail Marketing and Communication

- Retail Management Perspectives and Communication

- Customer Service Management

- Internship and Viva-Voce

Year 2

- Buying and Merchandising-I

- Store Operations-I

- Human Resources

- Business Organization

- Business Communication and Entrepreneurship

- Marketing

- On the Job Training and Viva-Voce

Year 3

- Buying and Merchandising II

- Retail Operations and Store Management II

- Visual Merchandising and Store Management

- Customer Value Management

- IT Application in Retail

- On the Job Training (OJT) and Viva Voce

What is IGNOU?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is a distance and open learning institution that supports students who wish to complete their higher education remotely. Students should enroll in remote learning courses offered by IGNOU if they are unable to complete their higher education traditionally. IGNOU also referred to as Indira Gandhi National Open University, is well-known throughout the world for providing more than 227 distance learning courses in 21 distinct fields. IGNOU has received accreditation with an A++ grade from NAAC, AICTE, NCTE, and UGC-DEB.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was founded in 1985 and has since grown to become the world's most well-known open university, providing students with a variety of distance and online courses. The institution also offers a variety of academic programs through which candidates can earn certifications, diplomas, and degrees.

IGNOU degree holders will be able to apply for a variety of positions at top companies, as the university's degrees are valid and recognized by the University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Bureau.

Why should you Pursue IGNOU BBA?

A bachelor's degree in business administration is an undergraduate program that is especially intended for students who want to pursue careers in areas like marketing, financial management, and business management. Because IGNOU BBA is offered in a distant learning format, students are not needed to attend regular classes. IGNOU's online BBA program has UGC-DEB approval and follows UGC curriculum standards.

There are several advantages to doing the IGNOU BBA course, some of which include:

The first and most significant advantage of distance learning is that it enables students to learn anywhere and at their own speed.

The opportunity for students to gain work experience while continuing their studies is the second advantage.

Both printed and online study materials are available from IGNOU.

The benefit of placement aid would be available to IGNOU BBA students.

If you're enrolled in a distance-learning undergraduate program, you can take both undergraduate and diploma courses at once. IT simultaneously saves you money and time.

What is the Career Scope of IGNOU BBA?

When determining what to pursue with a BBA degree, there are several factors to take into account. Numerous job prospects in numerous industries are made available by earning a bachelor's degree in business administration. One of the most well-known programs in India is BBA, which has several potential uses. Following a distance BBA, several significant work prospects are available, including:

There are several advantages to doing the IGNOU BBA course, some of which include:

Finance Manager

Business Consultant

Human Resource Manager

Information Systems Manager

Business Administration Researcher

Research and Development Manager

Investment Banker

Sales and Marketing Manager

Marketing Executive

However, after the completion of IGNOU BBA, students can also go for higher studies and pursue courses like MBA, PGDM, etc.

Placement Assistance Of IGNOU

For pupils to be chosen in an interview, the placement cell is essential for developing both soft and hard abilities in them. Placement cells work together to enhance students' interview readiness and communication abilities. To inform students about all facets of job hunting, they host several lectures and workshops. Having spontaneous group discussions to get over the fear of fumbling before an interview.

IGNOU established its campus placement unit in 2005 to put students in touch with major corporations and prepare them for the workforce. Students can attend placement drives and other events that are organized by IGNOU's Campus Placement Cell (CPC) in their respective regional centres.


One of the first colleges to offer a variety of distance learning courses to students who want to study remotely is IGNOU. Students can learn more about managerial principles in-depth thanks to IGNOU's online learning BBA program. I hope this article helped you learn more about the IGNOU BBA subjects.


What is the Duration of IGNOU BBA?

The duration of IGNOU BBA is 3 years, however, students get the time of 5 years to pass all the exams of IGNOU BBA.

Is IGNOU BBA in the Yearly Mode?

Yes, IGNOU provides BBA courses in the yearly mode, instead of semester mode.

What is the Academic Fee of IGNOU BBA?

The total academic fee of IGNOU BBA is Rs. 27000.