IGNOU MBA In Information Technology
Admissions Open
The greatest candidates for an MBA in information technology are those who have always been eager to work in the organization's technical department. The degree opens up a lot of employment chances and provides a wide range of professional options in many industries. After graduating, students can continue their study by enrolling in a distance education MBA programme. You can find administrative and technological employment in many different industries with a distance MBA in Information Technology.

Those who pursue an MBA in information technology have a wide range of employment choices. One of the top specialisations in the MBA field is this one. The degree is highly sought after by students since it also has a good return on investment. People with good technical and management skills who can understand a business's bigger perspective can benefit greatly from an MBA in IT. In today's environment, both the public and private sectors need talented IT specialists.

IGNOU Distance MBA in Information Technology Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Degree Postgraduate
Approval UGC-DEB | NAAC A++
Duration MIN - 2 Years | MAX- 4 Years
Age No Age Limit
Fees Incurred INR 37,800/-for full course
Salary Offered INR 5L - 8L per annum
Eligibility Criteria Graduation from a recognized university
Specializations Information Technology & more

How to get Admission to IGNOU Distance MBA Information Technology?

You can apply for IGNOU's distance MBA programmes in just a few easy steps, and acceptance is guaranteed. Students must submit an application, the required fees, and supporting documentation to the relevant regional centre.

By reviewing an online prospectus, students can determine whether they meet the requirements or eligibility requirements for a certain distance learning programme. Candidates must have finished their undergraduate studies at an accredited university to be accepted into the distance MBA programme; otherwise, their application will be denied. On the other side, students can submit their applications online, where they must add supporting documentation and pay tuition.

Is IGNOU Distance MBA Information Technology good?

For individuals interested in a career in management or business administration, IGNOU provides one of the best distance MBA programmes. It's a great solution for working professionals who wish to advance their skills. The MBA is also the degree that is most in demand. Graduates of the MBA programme stand out as distinctive individuals in the workplace, and their degree has a higher market value. Students at IGNOU have access to both traditional and online learning resources.

What is the Fee Structure of IGNOU distance MBA in Information Technology?

IGNOU has shown to be a highly affordable institution for several courses that many students believe are beyond their price range. IGNOU offers MBA programmes for a small portion of what standard MBA programmes charge. Additionally, the MBA programme is not expensive, even if an MBA is expensive in and of itself. The distance MBA programme costs Rs. 37,800 in tuition fees, which must be paid in advance by bank draught from any reputable bank in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). At the start of each semester, students are responsible for paying the academic fee to the appropriate regional centre. IGNOU has increased educational access as a result.

What is the Eligibility of the IGNOU MBA Information Technology?

Students must have earned a bachelor's degree from an institution with national acclaim in any field and have a minimum GPA of 55% to be eligible to apply.

What is the Duration of this course?

The IGNOU distance MBA in Information Technology can be finished in as little as two years or as much as five years. Four semesters must be finished between two to five years. Students who are working can take the course at their speed. As a result, people will have more freedom to work and study.

What are the benefits of pursuing a distance MBA in Information Technology from IGNOU?

Various distant and open learning courses in management, business, the humanities, science, engineering, and other subjects are available through IGNOU. The distance MBA is one of the most well-known management programmes offered by IGNOU, even though there are many others.

What are the subjects/syllabi in MBA Information Technology IGNOU 2022?

Year Subjects
Year 1 Management Process and Organisational Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Database Management and Administration (DBMA), Management of Technology Innovation and Change, Business Research, Financial Management, Managerial Skills Development (NUES), Financial and Management Accounting, Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making, Practical- DBMA Lab, Business System Analysis and Design, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Business and Legal Environment, Production and Operations Management, Practical- ERP (Basic Function Area) Lab
Year 2 ERP- Advanced Business Application Programming, E-Governance and Framework of ICT, Summer Training Project, Electives 1 (Semester 3), Electives 2 (Semester 3), Electives 3 (Semester 3), ERP- System Administration, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Human Values, Dissertation, E-Business, Electives 1 (Semester 4), Electives 2 (Semester 4), Practical

How to Apply for the IGNOU online MBA Information Technology Entrance Exam?

Students must first pass an admissions exam before applying to IGNOU. To enrol in the distance MBA programme, candidates must pass the IGNOU Common Management Entrance Exam. Students can apply for IGNOU's OPENMAT entrance exam on the institution's official website.

Before taking the entrance exam as part of the application process, students who wish to apply for a particular specialisation must first complete the eligibility requirements.

You must first register on the official IGNOU website to fill out the application, upload your supporting documentation, and pay the academic fees. The institution will email you a confirmation after the verification procedure. Students will receive a confirmation email after that period or perhaps sooner because the verification process typically takes two months.

Is OPENMAT necessary for IGNOU MBA Information Technology?

Yes, you must take the OPENMAT exam to enrol in any IGNOU management programme. IGNOU administers the OPENMAT, a national entrance exam for MBA and PGDM programmes. The IGNOU OPENMAT exam is given by NTA twice a year in July and January. Candidates may apply for any MBA admission cycle if they have a current graduate degree. Management aspirants who wish to apply to IGNOU MBA programmes must take the OPENMAT.

How can I Download IGNOU MBA Information Technology Prospectus 2022?

By visiting the school's website and clicking the prospectus link, students can get a copy of the IGNOU common prospectus. On the IGNOU website, students will see a common prospectus 2022 option that they must choose to access the prospectus in its whole, which will include all information on the courses offered, the pricing structure, the Eligibility Criteria, and other pertinent details.

Students can access information about IGNOU's successes, distinctive characteristics, extensive information about the institution's programmes, eligibility requirements, and mobile applications for IGNOU's online lectures, such as IGNOU e-content.

How can I Download IGNOU MBA Information Technology Study Material 2022??

Study resources and answers to any questions students might have concerning the course are available on the IGNOU websites. Online lectures are available on the virtual platforms Swayam and Google Meet. The college now offers mobile applications for soft copy notes and other doubt-clearing sessions. Through the internet, the learner has access to learning resources. IGNOU e-content is made available to students as soon as they enrol in the programme.

Students can browse any program's curriculum on the IGNOU e-content app. There are almost 2500 courses, study guides, and video programmes available on the eGyanKosh learning platform. The convenience of having study resources at their fingertips is valued by IGNOU students.

Is there any Difference Between a distance MBA in Information Technology and an online MBA in Information Technology?

Many students question how IGNOU MBA differs from IGNOU distant MBA. To clear up any misconception, we'd like to inform you that IGNOU provides online and distance learning courses, which indicates that the university's courses are blended. IGNOU offers both distance and regular courses, hence there is no distinction between IGNOU MBA and IGNOU Distance MBA.


IGNOU, formerly known as Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a renowned institution for online and distance learning. Students who want to pursue a career in MBA Project can apply to IGNOU by taking the OPENMAT exam. I hope this blog has all the information you need about IGNOU distance Information Technology.