What Is IGNOU MBA In Hospitality Management?
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The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was established in 1985 in accordance with the Law on. Four million students have enrolled in the institution since it opened, and the national government is in charge of governing, owning, and supervising it. As a distant learning MBA program offered by the institution, UGC-DEB is accredited and recognized internationally. You can find out everything you need to know about the MBA program in hospitality management offered by Indira Gandhi National University in this blog post.

IGNOU offers a two-year postgraduate program with a focus on hotel management called the MBA in Hospitality Management. Training is conducted in accordance with the semester modules. Every year, there are two semesters for the course. Consequently, the two-year program is divided into four semesters. In addition to the conventional classroom method, distance learning is another way to earn an MBA in hospitality management. The courses, curricula, and degree worth of the online MBA in hospitality management are comparable to those of the standard MBA in the job market.


Distance MBA In Hospitality Management Course Details

University Name

Indira Gandhi National Open University






MIN - 2 Years | MAX- 4 Years


No Age Limit


Graduation from a recognized university

Fees Incurred

INR 2,12,440/-for full course

Average Salary Offered



This MBA program in hospitality management is appropriate for those professionals who want to advance their careers without taking a break from their jobs. Candidates who will study the subjects at their own pace during the MBA in Hospitality Management program through distance learning. The only thing the students need to do is turn in their assignments on time; the exams are given semester by semester. The training assists you in developing the skills necessary to seamlessly manage job marketing. This will enable students to build a fast-paced career.

IGNOU, also known as the Indira Gandhi National Open University, is well-known. The university was established by the Indian Central Government in 1985 to provide top-notch education to children who were not enrolled in traditional institutions. The institution was founded with the intention of offering the best possible education to all facets of society. IGNOU has 227 programs and 67 regional centres available in 21 institutions worldwide. Delhi, the nation's capital, is home to the university's main campus. The school offers certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as remote and online learning. These programs were developed in compliance with the standards of the University Grant and Education Bureau.

The University Grant Committee has recognized the Indira Gandhi Open National University as a university. This university is a recognized centre and has the authority to recognize other distant learning institutions. IGNOU is one of the few institutions in India that has received an "A++" rating from the NAAC. Yes, the institution has received an A++ rating from NAAC, indicating that it provides students with the best possible education and other related educational services. The institution offers education even on isolated islands like Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and Andaman and Nicobar.


Is IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management good?

Students can benefit from the IGNOU MBA in hospitality management in a variety of ways. The university's degree is valuable and recognized both in India and overseas, to start. Here are a few more advantages.

Time-Efficiency: During the IGNOU's distance education MBA in hospitality management program, students are not required to attend regular classes. Due to the university's easy-to-understand materials, students can even learn independently. Along with earning the degree, they can make use of their time by engaging in other activities that will advance their careers.

Budget-Friendly: When compared to other universities, the cost structure for an MBA program in online education in hospitality management at Indira Gandhi National Open University is a little lower. The distance MBA in hospitality management offered by IGNOU is fairly affordable for those from less affluent backgrounds who wish to pursue this degree.

Work experience: During the distance MBA in hospitality management program, students can gain work experience that will enable them to earn more money once the program is over. After gaining some work experience, they can have the opportunity to submit an application to the best firms.

Working Professionals: A working professional who enlisted in some work with the intention of pursuing further education in hospitality management is eligible to register for an IGNOU distance MBA in hospitality management without having any negative effects on their employment. After completing a distance learning MBA program in hospitality management, they can further their careers by seeking for higher positions at some prestigious firms or by receiving promotions at their current jobs. Also Find out more about a virtual MBA program.


What Are the Subjects/Syllabus in MBA Hospitality Management IGNOU 2023?

The curriculum for the IGNOU Distance MBA in Hospitality Management is extensive and gathers all managerial concepts from several disciplines in one location. The subjects included in the distance MBA in Hospitality Management program provided by IGNOU are listed below:




Management Principles and Practices

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behavior's

Marketing Management

Accommodation Management-I

Accommodation Management-II

Food & Beverage Management-I

Food & Beverage Management-II

Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics Management


Communication and Soft Skills

Workshop on Executive Management



Applied Operations Research

Strategic Management

Financial Management


Facilities Design & Management

Practical in Management Information System

Hospitality Law

Final Research Project

Hospitality Marketing & Sales

Industrial Exposure Training

Fundamentals of Tourism & Tourism Products



What are the eligibility criteria for a distance MBA in Hospitality Management at IGNOU?

A student must fulfil the following criteria in order to be considered for admission to the IGNOU distance MBA Hospitality Management program:

- To be eligible for admission to the distance MBA in Hospitality management program, students must pass all of their Bachelor's exams in all subjects.

Students must have a diploma from an accredited university and a minimum grade point average of 55% to qualify for this training session.

It is necessary to complete and pass the OPENMAT admission exam.


What Is the Course Duration for IGNOU MBA In Hospitality Management?

The IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management has a minimum 2-year course requirement and a 4-year maximum.


Other Management Courses Offered by IGNOU

You can get in-depth information on a range of managerial issues through a number of management programs offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

The management programs offered by IGNOU are as follows:

- Distance BBA

- Distance MBA

- Distance MBA In Financial Management

- Distance MBA In Operations Management

- Distance MBA In Marketing Management

- Distance MBA In Human Resources Management

- Distance MBA in International Business Management

- Distance MBA in Information Technology

- Distance MBA in Supply Chain Management

- Distance MBA in Banking and Finance Management

- Distance MBA in Hospital Administration

- Distance MBA in Hospitality Management

- Distance MBA in Retail Management

- Distance MBA in Rural Management

- Distance MBA in Business Management

- Distance MBA in Project Management

- Distance MBA in International Trade Management


Does IGNOU conduct any entrance exam for admission in MBA Hospitality Management?

Yes, IGNOU administers entrance exams to MBA hospitality managers seeking distant learning admission. If you want to be accepted into the MBA program with a hospitality management concentration, you must pass the IGNOU Common Management Entrance Examination. IGNOU is named after the entrance exam OPENMAT, which applicants can submit online through the IGNOU website.


What is the Fee Structure of Distance MBA Hospitality Management at IGNOU 2023?

The cost of an MBA in hospitality management through IGNOU, which is known for its affordable distance learning programs, is Rs. 2,84,000 in total. Even if you attend a reputable private university, MBA programs can be expensive, but IGNOU is offering this programme for the lowest cost. You can get a distance MBA from IGNOU at such low costs in any specialization, like hospitality management.


How can I download IGNOU MBA Hospitality Management study material?

There are several ways for teachers and students to get access to IGNOU learning resources. Study materials and other program-related information can be accessed by students through repositories like Gyan Kosh and mobile IGNOU apps, including mobile IGNOU e-content.

Students can use the IGNOU e-content tool to check the curriculum for any program. A digital portal called EGyan Kosh offers more than 2500 courses and resources online. IGNOU students rate the practicality of each study tool.


How can I download the IGNOU MBA Hospitality Management prospectus in 2023?

The common prospectus for IGNOU is available on the organization's website. Students can access a shared prospectus 2023 on the IGNOU website, which they must view to learn more about the institution and its courses. The institution created this prospectus, which will contain all the information regarding the courses provided, the cost structure, the eligibility requirements, and other crucial details. Students will have access to all information about the institution, including accomplishments, distinguishing characteristics, comprehensive details about the university's programs, eligibility requirements, and IGNOU's online learning programs.


How to get admission in MBA Hospitality Management 2023?

In order to apply for admission online, MBA Hospitality Management students at IGNOU must pass the OPENMAT entrance exam. Students must submit their applications online using the IGNOU website. The pupils are required to fill out all information and pay the registration fees. The IGNOU cut-off gives you a chance to be chosen if you meet the requirements for OPENMAT. After being selected remotely, IGNOU students must fill out an application, download required materials, and pay fees for the hospitality management program. You now have everything you require to handle the IGNOU MBA in Hospitality remotely.


How to Apply for IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management entrance exam 2023?

On the IGNOU website, students must complete the entrance exam or OPENMAT exam form. Visit the IGNOU website first, and from the drop-down menu, choose the admission exam option. All information about the OPENMAT exam is updated by IGNOU.


Is OPENMAT necessary for IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management?

Many prospective students are unsure if entrance examinations will be necessary for distance MBA programs. For online MBA programs, some colleges do not require applicants to take entrance tests; however, applicants to IGNOU MBA programs must do so. Students must take the OPENMAT to be considered for admission to the IGNOU MBA program. For IGNOU's MBA and PGDM programs, a national entrance exam called OPENMAT is required. The OPENMAT exam is given twice a year, in January and July, by IGNOU. Students must first pass the OPENMAT exam in order to be accepted into any MBA or PGDM program.


What are the Top Distance MBA Hospitality Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

There are many management universities that offer online MBA programs. Here are a few of the top institutions with distance MBA programs in hospitality management:


- IMT Ghaziabad

- Symbiosis Institute of Management

- JECRC University

- Jagannath University

- Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

- University of Kerala

- Shivaji University


Can I Get Scholarship in IGNOU for MBA Hospitality Management programs?

Yes, students studying an MBA in Hospitality Management at IGNOU are eligible for scholarships from the university. These awards include:

1. Scholarship scheme under ‘Trust Fund’

This scheme provides 1000 scholarships (rs. 50,000 /- per year) for graduate and postgraduate professional and technical courses of qualifying students with disabilities in India from approved institutions.

30% of these bonds are allocated to students of girls.

Annual income from all sources shall not exceed Rs 3 lakh for the recipient/parent or guardian.

At any point in the academic year, eligible students may apply for courses on this initiative. Bursaries are offered on a quarterly basis for applications received in the last quarter.


2. Scholarship scheme under National Fund

Under this system, the qualification of disabled students for further qualifications is supplied with 500 scholarships (for Rs 12000/- every year).

50% of these bonds are reserved for girls.

The annual income from all sources must not exceed Rs. 1 80 Lakh for the beneficiary/parent or guardian.

Moreover, with respect to the type of disability, there are further categorizations of scholarships.


Is there any difference between IGNOU MBA In Hospitality Management and IGNOU Distance MBA in Hospitality Management?

Since IGNOU solely offers online learning courses, there is no distinction between the MBA in Hospitality Management and the remote MBA in Hospitality Management programs.


Placement Assistance at IGNOU

In order to assist students in finding employment, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) established a Campus Placement Cell in 2005. The placement cell is in charge of all placement-related activities and supports students in finding suitable employment. The cell was created to address placement-related issues and offer campus assignments to all students in all programs.


On the other side, the university's Campus Placement Cell (CPC) organizes the regional centres for recruitment drives, career fairs, and programs to promote employability. Campus placement programs for remote learning institutions aggressively encourage their students to enroll in online courses while assisting them in building a solid future. The IGNOU campus placement departments actively encourage students to study online and assist them in creating a strong academic foundation.


What is the Career Scope After Distance MBA Hospitality Management?

After completing an MBA in hospitality management through remote learning, there are many employment options available as this program will enable the students to have successful careers in many of the major MNCs and other public or private businesses. The student gets the option to work overseas once the degree is finished. The list of top employment opportunities and recruiting firms is provided below for your convenience.

Here is the list of top job opportunities for the students where they can apply after completing the hospitality course.

- Cabin Crew

- Hospitality Executive

- Marketing/Sales Executive

- Customer Service Executive

- Manager/Supervisor

- Entrepreneur

- Catering Officer

- Cruise Ship



Students who want to work in various firms in Hospitality Management positions can enroll in a 2-year Distance MBA in Hospitality Management program. Since the institution has been approved by the UGC-DEB, IGNOU offers a number of MBA specializations through distance learning, and they are all recognized. I hope you were able to get all the information you needed about the IGNOU distance learning MBA in Hospitality Management.


Distance MBA In Hospitality Management (FAQs)

Is IGNOU MBA Hospitality Management AICTE Approved?

Yes, AICTE, UGC, and DEB have all given their approval to the IGNOU MBA in Hospitality Management.


When to apply for IGNOU MBA?

Admissions for IGNOU open twice a year in January and July. Students can submit an application for the MBA Operations course by going to the IGNOU website.


How to apply for an IGNOU MBA?

Just by going to the IGNOU website, students can submit an application for the MBA program.


Is IGNOU MBA Valid for Government Jobs?

After receiving an IGNOU MBA, you may apply for government positions.


Is IGNOU MBA Recognized Worldwide?

IGNOU is a recognized university and students will get the egress which will be valid and recognized worldwide.


Is IGNOU MBA Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU has been recognized by UGC-DEB and AICTE and all its degrees including MBA are valid.


What is the IGNOU MBA entrance test?

IGNOU conducts an entrance test for MBA which is called OPENMAT.


How to Apply for IGNOU MBA Entrance Exam?

You can apply just by visiting the official website of IGNOU.


 What is hospitality management in India?

The administrative duties of hotels and resorts are covered in the course on hospitality management. One of the most lucrative businesses to work in after completing a business program in India is hospitality. India offers the greatest level of hospitality, as well.


How long does it take to study hospitality management?

The five-year hotel management program can be finished. After completing the bachelor's degree, it will take three years to get the master's degree.


How many times does the university conduct term-end exams for distance MBA Hospitality Management in a year?

Students can take tests for their particular program in the months of June and December because the university holds exams twice a year. In the event that students are unable to give in June, they may still show up for exams in December.


Does IGNOU refund the academic fees in case of cancellation of the program?

Only when the university declines admission for any reason does IGNOU issue refunds. However, the fee will not be reimbursed in the event that the student cancels the program.