IGNOU MBA Syllabus Subject Wise - Guide 2023
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One of the most well-known courses is the IGNOU MBA since it offers a broad and in-depth syllabus with many specializations. We will talk about the IGNOU MBA course syllabus in this article. Let's start now.

Regarding IGNOU MBA

One of the most well-liked courses offered by IGNOU through distance learning and online is the MBA. The largest open university in the world, IGNOU, offers distance MBA programs in a variety of industries, including banking, finance, marketing, and human resources management. The institution provides top-notch management education to students from all around India and internationally.

When it comes to the job market, the MBA from IGNOU is a well-known degree. This explains why the IGNOU MBA is so well-liked by employers. For those who desire to earn a management degree without having to leave their current job, the IGNOU MBA is the ideal option. For those who have substantial competence but discover that having an undergraduate degree is a barrier to advancement, the IGNOU MBA offers a solution.

The IGNOU MBA is a great approach to study a variety of business concepts in conjunction with current company practices. It is not only a degree in management. Professors from IIMs and IITs create the IGNOU study materials, which are of the greatest caliber. The MBA program offered by IGNOU is widely recognized, affordable, and open to the general public. IGNOU MBA is the top-ranked distance and online program in India due to its financial viability and academic quality.

What are the Subjects/Syllabus in MBA Ignou? – Download

The Distance MBA Syllabus from IGNOU is made to give students a thorough understanding of all the course material. This course's syllabus was created by knowledgeable instructors under the guidance of subject-matter experts in the industry to give students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. IGNOU also refreshes its curriculum every six months so that students can learn the most recent information.

There are more than 15 specializations for the distance MBA program offered by IGNOU, including finance management, operations management, marketing management, human resource management, and financial market practice. Although we have provided students with an accessible PDF of the syllabus, all of the specializations of the distance MBA course are described in the brochure.

IGNOU Distance MBA Course Structure

The IGNOU Distance MBA course is divided into 21 subjects that a student will study during the course. Each student needs to clear the exam of these 21 subjects to successfully get the degree of Distance MBA.

These 21 subjects are divided as follow:

- 11 general subjects from MS-1 to MS-11.

- 5 subjects from the chosen specialization

- 2 mandatory subjects are MS-91 and MS-95

- 1 Elective subject of your choice.

- 1 Project Submission MS-100 that itself contains 2 subjects

List of the subjects

The list of the above-mentioned subjects is mentioned here. You can check the list to choose the subjects of your choice.

*11 General Subjects from MS-1 to MS-11

Subject Code

Subject Title


Management Functions and Behaviour


Management of Human Resources


Economic and Social Environment


Accounting and Finance for Managers


Management of Machines and Materials


Marketing for Managers


Information Systems for Managers


Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications


Managerial Economics


Organizational Design, Development, and Change


Strategic Management

*5 Subjects from The Chosen Specialization

Specialization Stream

Subject Title (and Code)

Human Resource Management

- Social Processes and Behavioural Issues (MS-21)
- Human Resource Development(MS-22)
- Human Resource Planning (MS-23)
- Employment Relations (MS-24)
- Managing Change in Organisations (MS-25)
- Organisational Dynamics (MS-26)
- Wage and Salary Administration (MS-27)
- Labour Laws (MS-28)
- International Human Resource Management (MS-22)

Financial Management

- Working Capital Management (MS-41)
- Capital Investment and Financing Decisions (MS-42)
- Management Control Systems (MS-43)
- Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (MS-44)
- International Financial Management (MS-45)
- Management of Financial Services (MS-46)

Operations Management

- Operations Research (MS-52)
- Project Management (MS-53)
- Production/Operations Management (MS-54)
- Management Information Systems (MS-55)
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MS-56)
- Materials Management (MS-57)
- Maintenance Management (MS-58)
- Management of R&D and Innovation (MS-59)

Marketing Management

- Consumer Behaviour (MS-64)
- Sales Management (MS-64)
- Product Management (MS-64)
- International Marketing (MS-64)
- Marketing of Services (MS-64)
- Marketing Research(MS-64)
- Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising (MS-64)
- Rural Marketing (MS-64)
- Retail Management (MS-64)

Financial Markets Practice

- Equity Markets (MFP-1)
- Equity Derivatives (MFP-2)
- Commodity Markets (MFP-3)
- Currency and Debt Markets (MFP-4)
- Professionals in Financial Markets Practice (MFP-5)

*2 Mandatory Subjects are MS-91 and MS-95 and 1 Project Submission (MS-100)

Subject Code

Subject Title


Advanced Strategic Management


Research Methodology for Management Decisions


Project (Equivalent to two Subjects)

*1 Elective Subject of your choice

Subject Code

Name Of Subject


Management of Public Enterprises


Management of New and Small Enterprises


Technology Management


Total Quality Management


International Business

What is the Scope After Completing the IGNOU MBA?
The distance MBA course opens up a plethora of job opportunities for both students and working professionals. Here is the list of all the job positions available after a distance MBA:
Marketing Manager
Management Consultant
Investment Banker
Business Analyst
General Managers
Project Managers
IT Managers
Information Systems Manager
The IGNOU MBA program's complete structure is provided in this article. Out of all the programs offered by IGNOU, the MBA program is the most well-known. The University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Bureau, both acknowledge it. It is extremely valuable both domestically and internationally. The ideal university for you to attend if you are a working professional and wish to get an MBA is IGNOU. The course syllabus was created by the top professors with input from business leaders to give students the greatest possible education.
What is the duration of the IGNOU MBA?
The duration of IGNOU MBA is 2 years and is further divided into 4 semesters.
Is there any value of an MBA from IGNOU?
IGNOU MBA is a valuable course as it holds an extreme value in the job market.
From where I can get the detailed syllabus of IGNOU MBA?
You download the syllabus by clicking the above-mentioned link or you can download it from the official website of IGNOU.