What Is IGNOU Distance MBA In Oil and Gas Management?
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IGNOU's School of Management Studies offers a number of programmes, one of which is a distance learning MBA in oil and gas management. The programs are carried out using a remote training strategy that allows for program continuation. The programs are provided with the use of our individualized Learning Management platform, performed live interactive sessions on weekends, and real-world experience through case studies and projects.


IGNOU is one of India's most well-known open universities and offers a wide range of certifications, diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. The university established 21 schools for a variety of programs. All management courses offered by these schools are provided by and managed by the School of Management Studies. This institution offers a distance learning MBA in Oil and Gas Management as one of its programmes. The MBA Distance MBA is a recognized postgraduate program and a recognized graduate degree offered by the Office of University Grants Commission and Distance Education.

IGNOU is one of the very few institutions in India that has received an A++ rating from the National Accreditation and Assessment Council. Yes, IGNOU is accredited by NAAC with an A++ rating to provide students with the best possible education. It demonstrates the legitimacy of the institution and demonstrates the value of a university degree outside of India.

IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Course Details

University Name         Indira Gandhi National Open University

Degree                                Postgraduate

Full-Form                        MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Mode of Learning         Distance or Open

Approval                        UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC with A++ Grade

Duration                        Minimum Duration: 2 years

                                              Maximum Duration: 4 years

Age                                No Age Limit

Eligibility                        Graduation from a recognized university

Fees Incurred                 INR 37,800/- per semester

Average Salary Offered INR 7 LAKHS TO 11 LAKHS PER ANNUM

Is IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management GOOD?

Due to the limited availability of MBA programs in oil and gas management, the Distance MBA is one of the few specializations available. Above all, if you're looking for an accredited institution to enroll in this course via distance learning, IGNOU is the ideal option for you. Additionally, the University Grants Commission has recognized and accredited IGNOU to the NAAC A++ level. The value of a graduate in the job market is very high at this university. The institution also offers guidance to distant learners so they may better understand the course material. To have a complete understanding of the subject topic, you can also access the lectures that have been recorded. Consequently, the university is excellent.

How to get Admission in IGNOU Distance MBA Oil and Gas Management?

Admission is available both online and offline through IGNOU. Students must go to the closest regional center of study in order to enroll in any courses, including the distance MBA in petroleum and gas management. However, there are just a few regional centers that now accept applications via mail; in these instances, students can always apply online.

Candidates must adhere to the following procedures in order to be admitted to IGNOU online:

Visit www.ignou.ac.in to access IGNOU's official website.

You can choose to "Register online" from the available alternatives.

The application form's information can then be filled out.

After completing the aforementioned steps, you can upload the papers to the verification process portal.

Send in your academic fee using one of the digital payment options offered on the platform.

What is the Duration of a Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

The Distance MBA has a two-year minimum and a five-year maximum duration. The students have 3 more years to finish their course, and if they run into any problems they can keep going and graduate in 5 years. There are four semesters of six months each in this two-year programme.

How much does a distance MBA in oil and gas management cost?

The cost of management training is often relatively high in many universities. The cost of IGNOU is significantly less than that of other universities. The cost schedule is Rs 37,800 every semester. Students must pay this fee at the start of each semester by submitting a request on behalf of Indira Gandhi National University to an authorized bank.

What is the IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Course Syllabus?

Through its thoughtful design, the syllabus for the distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management course offers complete information. Let's have a look at the course syllabus.

Semesters Subjects

Semester 1

- Economics & Management Decisions

- Financial Management

- Marketing Management

- Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications

- Operations & Material Management

Semester 2

- Human Resource Management

- Customer Relationship Management

- Project Management & Contract Administration

- Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation

- Research Methodology

Semester 3

- Understanding Oil & Gas Business

- Understanding Natural Gas Business

- Understanding Petro Chemical Business

- Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining

- Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration

Semester 4

- Business Policy & Strategy

- Petroleum Law & Policy

- Petro Retailing Business

- Dissertation

Is OPENMAT necessary for IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

Yes, to enroll in any management course offered by IGNOU, you must pass the OPENMAT exam. The OPENMAT, national MBA, and PGDM admissions tests are administered by IGNOU. The IGNOU OPENMAT exam is given by NTA twice a year, in July and January. The MBA admission cycle welcomes applications from eligible recent graduates at any time. All IGNOU MBA aspirants must submit an OPENMAT application.

How can I get a copy of the IGNOU distance learning MBA in Oil and Gas Management common prospectus?

Visit the university's official website to obtain the IGNOU Common Prospectus. By visiting the university website and choosing a prospectus link, students can get a copy of the IGNOU Common Prospectus. On the IGNOU website, students can choose from a distinct prospectus for 2023.

The public can access this brochure on the university website. Students can access the IGNOU's accomplishments, attributes, and program as a whole, as well as its eligibility requirements and mobile applications that contain its online lectures.

How can I get access to the 2023 IGNOU distance MBA Oil and Gas Management Study Material?

On the IGNOU websites, you can access studies and find answers to your questions. There are two online lectures available through Google Meet and Swayam. It is now possible to soft copy notes for mobile apps. Access to online learning resources is available to students. The IGNOU e-contents are available to students after they register.

The IGNOU e-content application enables students to browse a program's curriculum. More than 2500 courses, study guides, and video programs are available on the eGyan Kosh learning platform. Learning tools are beneficial for IGNOU students.

What is the top Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternatives?

A distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management can help students grasp business analysis, and this course will prepare students to fulfil industry needs. Check out the list below for other well-known universities that offer a distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management:

Jain Online


Sri Venkateswara University

IIM Indore

IIM Lucknow

IIM Kozhikode

Symbiosis Institutes of Management

Chandigarh University


IGNOU offers a distance learning MBA in oil and gas management; may I apply for a scholarship?

Financial assistance and IGNOU fee refunds are available to students, girls, and members of the SC/ST who face financial difficulties. Before registering for any of the courses on the portal, students should confirm their eligibility. Students can check out the scholarships offered to IGNOU students on the National Scholarship Portal and submit an application right away.

Does the IGNOU MBA in Oil and Gas Management differ from the IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

An IGNOU MBA and an IGNOU distance MBA are equivalent in all specializations. As a distance learning institution, Indira Gandhi National Open University offers all of its courses online and through distance learning. IGNOU distance MBA is also referred to when you use the term IGNOU MBA. For all distance learning programs, IGNOU offers students virtual study materials and online classes.

What career options are available after earning an IGNOU distance MBA in oil and gas management?

In the oil and gas industry, management professionals have several work opportunities. But the job route itself is equally fascinating. In addition to being a very flexible area of study, MBA oil and gas management offers workers a wide range of job options. Students who earn an MBA in oil and gas management are free to pursue any career they want. Professionals in oil and gas management might operate in a variety of fields, including operations, management, finance, sales, and marketing.


The blog contains all the specific details on the online MBA in Oil and Gas Management program. You must take the OPENMAT entrance exam by going to the IGNOU website's official page if you want to apply for admission to the IGNOU Distance MBA program. Your admission to IGNOU will be determined on your OPENMAT result.

Is IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management AICTE Approved?

Yes, IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management is AICTE approved.

When to Apply for IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

Admissions are offered twice a year at the university, with students choosing to take their program's exams in June or December. Students who are unable to sit for exams in June will be able to sit for them in December.

How to Apply for an IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

To apply for the IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management programme, students must first meet the course's eligibility requirements. After that, the students must sit for the university's entrance examination and after completing it you have to fill up the admission form.

Is IGNOU’s Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management is valid for both government and private-sector jobs.

Is IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Recognised Worldwide?

Considering IGNOU is a globally recognized university, the distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management degree at IGNOU will be recognized worldwide.

Is IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Degree Valid?

Yes, IGNOU degrees are valid all over the nation. The university is well-known and recognized by the UGC and NAAC which makes it all worth every part.

When is the IGNOU Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Entrance Test?

The OPENMAT MBA university-level entrance test will be used to determine IGNOU MBA admissions in 2023. The OPENMAT was held on April 11th, 2023.

How to Apply for the IGNOU distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management Entrance Exam?

Students must obtain the prospectus from the official website of IGNOU. Then you can apply for the OPENMAT admission exam online using the application URL mentioned above.

What is the Duration to Complete a Distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management from IGNOU?

The minimum duration to complete the distance MBA in Oil and Gas Management from IGNOU is 2 years. However, the maximum duration to complete the same is 4 years.

How To Prepare for Ignou Distance MBA In Oil and Gas Management Entrance Exam?

For the preparation for the distance, MBA in Oil and Gas Management entrance exam students need to prepare the subjects General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning. Read books, newspapers and watch YouTube videos to be prepared for the exam.