IGNOU Assignments
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Candidates for any IGNOU course must turn in an assignment for each subject in order to pass the exam. Through this site, you may learn in-depth information regarding IGNOU assignments.

Is it Compulsory to Submit IGNOU Assignment?

Yes, it is required that all students complete and turn in their assignments by the due date specified by the institution to the closest regional centre. Any candidate who fails to turn in the assignment will not be permitted to administer the term-end test. To prepare the best papers, the students can also choose to use assistance from previously completed IGNOU assignments.

IGNOU Assignments Weighted and Minimum Marks

Each assignment contains 30% of the weightage in the term-end examination, which cannot be ignored. They need to submit good-quality assignments to score higher. It increases the performance of the students in grade cards. In this, you need to score 40% marks to apply for the term-end examination else you wouldn't be able to give examinations.

For example, if the assignment is 100 marks then the candidate must score 40 marks to be eligible for the Term End Examination.

The topics of the assignments can be downloaded from the official website of IGNOU. You can choose one topic according to your interest. To make the assignments more interesting you need to deeply research the topic and answer the questions according to your research.

IGNOU Assignments 2020-21

We'll talk about the parts of the assignments that have to be turned in under this heading. There are some categories, and you must choose the categories and compose the assignments based on your course.

Bachelor Assignment

Students who are enrolled in any bachelor's degree programme offered by IGNOU, such as BBA, BCA, BSc, or BCom, may use the bachelor assignments. The subjects for these assignments are listed on the IGNOU website. The pupils can select one task based on the subject that interests them.

Master Assignment

Students who enrol in any of the master's programmes provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University are required to submit Master Degree Assignments. The subjects for these tasks are also available on the IGNOU website.