IGNOU MSc Course 2023 - Master of Science

IGNOU gives the Distance MSc course in 5 specialisations: MSc in Counseling And Family Therapy, MSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Food And Nutrition, MSc in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc in Mathematics With Applications In Computer Science. The Distance M.Sc course is for the understudies who can't partake in that frame of mind to get done with it and for working experts who will earn a postgraduate college education in the science field to improve their professions.

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IGNOU M.Sc Admission: IGNOU has started the enrollment interaction for the new affirmation cycle for the July 2023 meeting. The last date to apply online for this meeting is 31st July. Understudies can apply for lone wolf's, lord's, recognition, postgraduate confirmation and declaration courses (both program and praises courses). You can visit the IGNOU official site to get enlisted for the distance M.Sc Course.

You should finish up the confirmation structure with the enrollment charge. Confirmation will be conceded on a legitimacy premise. No selection test is expected to get something very similar.

Here Are Some Important Facts about IGNOU Distance MSc:

Admission to the course is on a legitimacy premise.
Competitors should be graduated with at least half check to be qualified for the course.
The base term of the course is two years, which comprises four semesters.
Understudy once owned up to the college for a distance M.Sc course the enlistment will be substantial for quite some time.
The IGNOU M.Sc. course is planned by the first class of the scholarly community in business to give the best quality schooling to the understudies.

Key Highlights- Distance M. Sc. from IGNOU

These are the key Highlights of the Distance MSc degree course at IGNOU. You can get an overview of all the factors of Distance MSc at IGNOU. Give a quick read at each section to know all the relevant details about the program. If you can get a detailed picture of every section by clicking on the link of the respective point.

Course Fee

₹ 10,000

The Fee for a M.Sc begins from Rs.10,000. The charge designs of practically all courses are lower and reasonable contrasted with different colleges. In like manner, the expense design of distance M. Sc. is for understudies, with the goal that they can have the cash by getting admission to the world's best open college. The expense design of the distance M.Sc relies upon the specializations taken by the understudy. Distance MSc from IGNOU has 16 subjects separated into four sections. The initial two sections contain the subjects connected with something similar.

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Eligibility Criteria


Moves on from a perceived University/Institution with a Major or Respect in Arithmetic with at smallest 50% imprints in total. On the off chance that the seats in the center stay unfilled: Graduates with a BA./BSc certification with Science as one of the three essential subjects with earn back the original investment with weightage, getting at smallest 50% imprints altogether and 55 percent in Science will be thought of. Considers in this two( 2) year program are isolated into four (4) semesters (2 semesters each year). The essential semester is from January to June. The second semester is from July to December every year.

Course Duration

2-5 Years

IGNOU licenses working professionals to continue with their higher learning and continue to work. That’s why the term of M.Com, which could be a 3-year course, IGNOU grants two extra years to add to the curriculum. The versatility and sensibility of the program at IGNOU make it the ideal program for people who consider higher studies besides jobs.IGNOU program contrasts for the understudies to initiate the advanced level of learnings in the commerce domain. Students also get the chance to avail practical knowledge.Working Professionals might continue with their contemplations while on work with IGNOU M.Sc. Thus, IGNOU gives an additional three years to add up to the M.Sc course, which is consistently a two-year program. It suggests that the B.Com PC program at IGNOU will require up to three years and at most six years. IGNOU's projects are ideally suited for people who need to concentrate more while working since of their straightforwardness and sensibility. The program is the most ideal for understudies hoping to get a PhD.

Admission Procedure 2023

MSc comes among courses presented by the college through the distance method of instruction. IGNOU Distance M.Sc courses are accessible with five specialisations: MSc in Counseling And Family Therapy, MSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Food And Nutrition, MSc in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc in Mathematics With Applications In Computer Science.

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Syllabus 2023

The course is by the inside staff of IGNOU under the heading of master resources and industry pioneers. It gives Distance M.Sc courses in 5 specialisations: MSc in Counseling And Family Therapy, MSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Food And Nutrition, MSc in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc in Mathematics With Applications In Computer Science. The schedule of the multitude of specialisations except for MSc in accommodation organisation as IGNOU furnishes this course through a coordinated effort with the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

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The M.Sc program at IGNOU is an option for science understudies who need to join learning and work. IGNOU M.Sc assists with getting extra skill or a PhD inside the fundamental strength. Understudies have not yet investigated higher work profiles in various MNCs in various divisions like IT, Manufacturing, Pharma ventures and the advantages section after finishing their examinations. M.Sc understudies can get positions, for example, Researchers, lab technologists, Scientific specialists and so on. Different government bodies need the M.Sc drop to deal with the embraced projects.

IGNOU Distance M. Sc. - Detailed Program Description

Distance M.Sc or Master of Science is a postgraduate course sought after by understudies who need progressed information and abilities. The unique educational program of the course centres around many applications in science and examination as it gives immense information to the understudies.

IGNOU is the most established open learning college in India. It is renowned for giving different undergrad, postgraduate, recognition and endorsement flows through distance learning. MSc or Master of Science is one of the courses presented by the college to the understudies through the distance method of instruction. If you are quick to make your profession in the area of science and exploration and need to join a more serious level course to get information, the IGNOU MSc course is best reasonable for you.

For confirmation, you want to visit the authority site of IGNOU. IGNOU permits something very similar for two meetings, January and July. IGNOU July enlistment cycle will begin from the primary seven-day stretch of June and will go on till the last seven-day stretch of December.

Program Delivery

The IGNOU MSc program sought after through distance learning is student arranged. The understudies need to advance without help from anyone else during this course. The largest part of the program conveyance creates through open learning in which the understudy will do self-concentrate as opposed to up close and personal education.

Printed Material

IGNOU MSc course books are sent at the house of an individual by the university. The experts have designed these books to provide in-depth and adequate knowledge of the course to the aspirants. The charges for the books are included in the course fee.

Online Study Material

IGNOU likewise has a web-based release of the review material for the individuals who would not use the composing review material. Understudies owned up to the course can get online books connecting with their preparation. IGNOU has an application entrance that permits understudies to download and see these books whenever.

Conseling Sessions

To acquaint the applicants with the course and assessment designs, advising meetings are held at IGNOU focuses. These advising meetings are on Saturdays and Sundays with the goal that the functioning experts can likewise go to the meetings.


There will be only one assignment for each course worth 100 marks (weightage of 25%). The set of all the assignments for each semester is given in one booklet that you will get along with your course material and it will be uploaded on the IGNOU’s website. The last date is decided by the university. Every student needs to submit the assignment before the last date at the nearest study centre to avoid any kind of constraints before the end-term examination.

Term - End Examination

The University conducts a term-end examination in June and December. The student can take the exam only after the minimum period prescribed for the course of study has elapsed. For appearing in the term-end examinations, students need to fill out the examination form along with some fees. The online examination form is filled out from the IGNOU website.

MODE Open Distance Learning
SCHOOL School of Vocational Education and Training
MEDIUM English and Hindi
SPECIALIZATION Information Security
Salient Features
  1. UGC|DEB approved Programme
  2. Offered across pan India and in selected Countries outside India
  3. Contemporary curriculum and latest study material
  4. Affordable fee
  5. Flexible learning
  1. Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University.
  2. Lateral entry to 2nd year of MCOM: Those who have successfully completed P G Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO) from IGNOU, are eligible for lateral entry to the second year of MCOM Program. They will be required to study only the second year courses. The minimum and maximum duration of the Programme for students joining through Lateral Entry shall be one year and two years respectively.
  3. To join through Lateral Entry, applicants may register on the online admission portal, select MCOM Programme, and follow the process. The option for Lateral Entry shall be given at the time of filling qualification details. A scanned copy of the final marks sheet (Grade Card) of PGDIBO indicating successful completion of the Programme is required to be uploaded, along with other documents as required.
FEE STRUCTURE Rs. 43,200/- for full programme to be paid year wise @Rs. 21,600/- per year, plus Registration fee of Rs.200/- in the first year

First Semester
Course Code Title of the Course Type of Course Credits
MSEI-021 Introduction to Information Security Compulsory 4
MSEI-022 Network Security Compulsory 4
MSEI-023 Cyber Security Compulsory 4
MSEI-024 Policy, Standards and Laws Compulsory 2
Total 14
Second Semester
Course Code Title of the Course Type of Course Credits
MSEI-025 Application and Business Security Developments Compulsory 4
MSEI-026 BCP, DR Planning and Audit Compulsory 4
MSEI-027 Digital Forensics Compulsory 4
MSEP-028 Project Compulsory 2
Total 16
Third Semester
Course Code Title of the Course Type of Course Credits
MSE-029 Cyber Attack: use of Technology in Cyberspace Compulsory 2
MSE-030 Cloud and Infrastructure Security Compulsory 2
MSE-031 Cyber Security using Python Compulsory 4
MCS-226 Data Science and Big Data Compulsory 4
MSEL-032 Practical (Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Data Recovery etc.) Compulsory 2
Total 14
Fourth Semester
Course Code Title of the Course Type of Course Credits
MSE-033 Web Application Testing and Audit Compulsory 4
MSE-034 E-commerce and Cyberspace Compulsory 2
MSEI-035 IoT Security Compulsory 2
MSE-036 Latest Trends in Information and Cyber Security Compulsory 2
MSEP-038 Project-II Compulsory 2
MSEL-037 Practical (Web Application, Audits, e-commerce security and IoT) Compulsory 4
Total 16

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IGNOU Distance M. Sc. FAQ

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All the courses of IGNOU are best but some of them are MBA, MCA, which are AICTE and UGC recognized.
All the masters courses of IGNOU are best but some of them are MBA, MCA, which are AICTE and UGC recognized.