IGNOU Online MSc Course 2023 - Master of Science

In five specialities, including MSc in Counseling and Family Therapy, MSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Food and Nutrition, MSc in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc. in Mathematics With Applications in Computer Science, IGNOU offers online learning and MSc programmes. For students who are unable to attend normal classes and working professionals interested in earning a postgraduate degree in a science discipline to advance their careers, the Online M.Sc. programme was designed.

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Admissions to GNOU take place twice a year, between January and July (academic year). To keep informed about the July admission information for the M.Sc. programme from IGNOU, visit our website. As per IGNOU regulations, you may submit an application for the course up till the deadline. Applications are accepted from students for a variety of bachelor's, master's, diploma, postgraduate diploma, and certificate programmes (both programme and honours courses). Students who are interested can apply to the online M.Sc. programme at IGNOU. By going to their official website, you can sign up for IGNOU's remote and online MSc courses.

You'll need to fill out an application for admission and pay the registration fee. Online and online MSc programme admission will be based on merit. There is no entrance test required for admission.

Key Highlights- Distance M. Sc. from IGNOU

These are the main features of the online MSc programme offered by IGNOU. You may learn about every facet of an online MSc at IGNOU. Read through each section quickly to become familiar with all of the program's important components. A more comprehensive look might be available if you click on the link for each section:

Course Fee

₹ 10,000

Starting M.Sc tuition is Rs. 10,000. Almost all course cost structures are significantly less expensive and more affordable than those at other universities. Similar to this, the price structure for online and online MSc courses is made to make sure that students have the resources necessary to apply to the best open institutions in the world. The student's chosen specialties influence the cost structure for the online M.Sc. programme. The sixteen disciplines that make up the online MSc programme from IGNOU are divided into four sections. The first two sections discuss subjects related to the specialty.

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Eligibility Criteria


graduates with a Major or Respects in Mathematics and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% from a reputable university/institution Graduates with a BA./BSc degree in which Science is one of the three major disciplines with equal weighting and a minimum of 50% overall and 55% in Science will be eligible if there are open seats in the centre. Four (4) semesters make up the two-year programme (2 semesters per year). The first semester of each year lasts from January through June, while the second semester is from July through December.

Course Duration

2-5 Years

Working professionals may continue to make their decisions while enrolled in the M.Sc. programme at IGNOU. As a result, IGNOU extends the M.Sc program's standard two-year duration by an additional three years. This implies that the IGNOU M.Sc. computing programme will require a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years. The programmes offered by IGNOU are perfect for individuals who want to study more while working because they are straightforward and affordable. The curriculum is most appropriate for people who want to pursue a doctorate.

Admission Procedure 2023

One of the university's distance learning and online degree programmes is the M.Sc. IGNOU provides online study in five M.Sc. specialties: M.Sc. in Counseling and Family Therapy, M.Sc. in Environmental Science, M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, M.Sc. in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc. in Mathematics With Applications in Computer Science.

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Syllabus 2023

Under the direction of qualified teachers and business experts, a team from IGNOU created the course syllabus. In five specialities, including MSc in Counseling and Family Therapy, MSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Food and Nutrition, MSc in Hospitality Administration, and M.Sc. in Mathematics With Applications in Computer Science, IGNOU offers online learning and MSc programmes. With the exception of the MSc in hospitality administration, which IGNOU offers in collaboration with the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, other specialties have the same curriculum.

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The M.Sc. degree offered by IGNOU is the finest choice for scientific students who must juggle their education with work. Students with an IGNOU M.Sc. have the option of pursuing a PhD or gaining additional skills. After completing their coursework, students have access to higher job profiles at numerous MNCs in a variety of industries, including IT, manufacturing, pharma, and the benefits sector. M.Sc. students have a variety of job options, including those as researchers, laboratory technologists, and scientific consultants. Many government organisations are looking for M.Sc. graduates to work on a variety of initiatives.

IGNOUOnline M. Sc. - Detailed Program Description

Please visit the IGNOU's official website to submit an application. Each year, IGNOU accepts applicants for two sessions, in January and July. The IGNOU July 2023 registration process will start the first week of June and last through the last week of December.

The world is well known for the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programmes that IGNOU, India's oldest open learning university, provides to students through online and remote learning. One of the university's distant education programmes is the MSc, or Master of Science. The IGNOU MSc programme is perfect for you if you're interested in a career in science or research and want to enrol in a higher education programme to advance your knowledge of the field.

A postgraduate degree programme called an online M.Sc., or Master of Science, is one that people enrol in to expand their knowledge and skills. The course's unique curriculum places an emphasis on subjects with a wide range of scientific and research applications while also giving students access to a wealth of knowledge.

Program Execution

The student is at the centre of the IGNOU M.Sc programme, which is offered online and through distance learning. Students must pursue individual learning throughout this course. The majority of programmes are given through open learning, which substitutes self-study for in-person instruction. The following modalities are used by the university to deliver the curriculum.

Printed Material

IGNOU MSc course books are sent at the house of an individual by the university. The experts have designed these books to provide in-depth and adequate knowledge of the course to the aspirants. The charges for the books are included in the course fee.

Online Study Material

IGNOU likewise has a web-based release of the review material for the individuals who would not use the composing review material. Understudies owned up to the course can get online books connecting with their preparation. IGNOU has an application entrance that permits understudies to download and see these books whenever.

Conseling Sessions

To acquaint the applicants with the course and assessment designs, advising meetings are held at IGNOU focuses. These advising meetings are on Saturdays and Sundays with the goal that the functioning experts can likewise go to the meetings.


There will be only one assignment for each course worth 100 marks (weightage of 25%). The set of all the assignments for each semester is given in one booklet that you will get along with your course material and it will be uploaded on the IGNOU’s website. The last date is decided by the university. Every student needs to submit the assignment before the last date at the nearest study centre to avoid any kind of constraints before the end-term examination.

Term - End Examination

The University conducts a term-end examination in June and December. The student can take the exam only after the minimum period prescribed for the course of study has elapsed. For appearing in the term-end examinations, students need to fill out the examination form along with some fees. The online examination form is filled out from the IGNOU website.

The reason to choose IGNOU for acquiring the degree in online M.Sc. course is that the university is the best online learning university. The degree attained from this university is of high value and acceptable. Also, the fee structure of the course is affordable. Some other reasons are listed below:

  India's Only National Distance University
  Approved by UGC and AICTE
  NAAC A++ Accreditation
  Top-Notch Designed Curriculum
  Latest Courseware and Study Material
  Flexibility in Degree Programs
  Lower Program Fee

IGNOU Online M. Sc. FAQ

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All the courses of IGNOU are best but some of them are MBA, MCA, which are AICTE and UGC recognized.
All the masters courses of IGNOU are best but some of them are MBA, MCA, which are AICTE and UGC recognized.