What Is IGNOU MBA In Rural Management?
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A postgraduate degree program lasting two years and four semesters is the distance MBA in rural management. The course can be finished in as little as two years or as long as five years. The advanced study of applying management principles to the rural sector, cooperative planning, organization, and control, the implementation of development plans and projects that are carried out directly or indirectly through non-governmental organizations, as well as the development needs and practical considerations of the rural sector, are all topics covered in this academic discipline.

The program offers employment opportunities in both the public and commercial sectors. Following this education, a job in social welfare is also possible. Students who aspire to do this will therefore benefit from looking into both governmental and non-governmental sectors.



IGNOU, or Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a well-known and reputable institution that attempts to offer online and distance learning courses in a range of specialties. IGNOU has earned an A rating from the NAAC and approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC-DEB). The reputable public institution has a world-class faculty and has great distance learning options. The university is also well known for its outstanding MBA programs.

One of India's oldest and best universities, IGNOU was founded in 1985. The UGC and NAAC have assigned the university an A grade and are aware of it. The university now enjoys international renown thanks to accreditation from the AICTE. Genuine courses and specializations in a range of areas are offered by IGNOU. The university was founded in 1985 by the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act.

The institution has 21 schools available with top-notch faculty and is present in over 67 regional centres. Numerous courses at the undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and certification levels are available through the institution. At IGNOU, there are approximately 677 courses accessible in a variety of specialties.


How to get Admission in MBA Rural Management in IGNOU 2023?

Because of its flexibility and cost, IGNOU's curriculum is excellent for those who want to study more while continuing their employment. IGNOU programs can assist you in obtaining more knowledge and possibly a Ph.D. in the field of your choice. Additionally, the certification and postgraduate diploma programs offer useful practical knowledge for their professional endeavors.

The application procedure is simple and based on a set of requirements for IGNOU's distance MBA programs. Students must submit an application to the relevant regional centre along with the necessary fees and paperwork.

To find out if they are eligible for a particular distance learning course, students can look up the prerequisites in an online prospectus. To be accepted into the distance MBA program, applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies at an accredited institution; otherwise, their application will be rejected. Read also: IT executive MBA.


What about IGNOU's MBA in Rural Management?

Numerous management-related courses are available through IGNOU, including those in marketing, human resources, hospitality, agricultural management, retail management, and other areas. For those students who choose to pursue an MBA, all of the courses provide a particularly advantageous career. Let's look at some of the major advantages that will make a distance MBA fun if completed from IGNOU:

- IGNOU has been given an A rating and is recognized as a university by the UGC and NAAC.

- Because the university is respected and holds true value in the marketplace, an MBA earned there will be regarded favorably.

- IGNOU is a fairly inexpensive institution, thus the courses given here are reasonably priced.

The institution offers a wide range of courses; as a result, it offers students a diverse learning environment.

The university also raises the bar for its outstanding professors and facilities.


What is the fee structure of IGNOU MBA in Rural Management 2023?

IGNOU is renowned for providing courses at very reduced costs. Students who are unable to attend regular classes for any reason are given cheap programs by the institution. Additionally, even though an MBA is pricey in and of itself, the course is not. Academic fees for the distance MBA program are Rs. 37,800, and they must be paid upfront by bank debit from any reputable bank in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Students are responsible for paying the academic fee to the appropriate regional cemeteries at the start of each semester. IGNOU's primary objective is to bring education to the most rural areas of the nation.


What is the eligibility for an MBA in Rural Management in IGNOU?

For consideration for the distance MBA in Rural Management program, candidates must achieve the minimum requirements outlined by the university. The prerequisites for eligibility are as follows:

Students must hold a bachelor's degree from an institution with national acclaim in any field in order to apply. The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance offers the CAIIB test, which has to be passed.

- He or she must have spent at least two years working in the banking and financial services industry.


What is the course duration for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

Any specialty of the MBA program has a minimum duration of 2 years for 4 semesters and a maximum duration of 5 years. The students must first meet the prerequisites and pass the admission exam in order to be admitted to the programme. The distance learning course duration establishes a variable period for the students.


What are the subjects/syllabus in MBA Rural Management IGNOU 2023?

The IGNOU Rural Management Distance MBA program is extensive, bringing together technical and management concepts from various fields in one convenient place. A complete list of all the courses available through IGNOU's online MBA in Rural Management program is provided below:


Semester 1

Semester 2

Essentials of Management

Financial Management

Quantitative Methods in Business

Research Methodology

Human Resource Management


Managerial Economics

Indian Financial System

Computer Applications & MIS

Management of NGOs & Action Research

Rural Society and Institutions

Rural Development: Concepts, Models and Programs

Management of Social Empowerment

Management of Sustainable Agriculture

Financial & Managerial Accounting

Rural Markets and Marketing Management

Semester 3

Semester 4

Business Laws

Organizational Effectiveness & Change

Environment and Natural Resource Management

Strategies for Sustainable Rural Development

Energy Requirement in Agriculture & its Management

Industry and Agri-Business

Management of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Aquaculture

Rural Infrastructure

Computer Applications & MIS

Management of NGOs & Action Research

Watershed Management

High Tech Horticulture

Global Business Environment & Rural Management

Precisions Farming


Distance MBA Course Details

University Name

Indira Gandhi National Open University


UGC-DEB, AICTE, NAAC with A++ Grade

Course Level

Post Graduation


2 years

Examination Type

Semester System/ Year wise



Admission Process

based on performance in entrance exam

Course Fee

INR 5,000 to 5 Lacs

Average Starting Salary

INR 3 to 12 lacs per annum

Top Recruiting Companies

Amul, Godrej Industrial Limited, Dabur India Ltd, PepsiCo India Holdings, Nestle India Pvt. Ltd, Britannia Industries Ltd, ITC Limited, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, Argo Tech Foods, ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Nandi Foundation, PRADHAN, CARE, SEWA, BAIF, Seva Mandir, etc.

Top Recruiting Areas

Insurance Companies, Academic Institutions, Research & Consultancy Firms, Banks, Tata Teleservices, Finance Institutions, ICICI Bank, Amul Shriram Group, Rural and Agriculture Financing, and such.

Job Positions

Sales/Business Development Manager, Rural Development Officer, Research Officer, Rural Executives, Rural Manager, Senior Program Officer, Trainer, Researcher, Consultant, Project Coordinator/ Project, Rural Minister, Purchase/Vendor Development Manager, Business Development Executive, Sales Officer, National Sales Development Manager, among others.


How to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management entrance exam 2023?

Students must take an entrance exam for the distance MBA program in order to apply for admission to IGNOU. Students who pass the IGNOU common management entrance test are eligible to enroll in the distance MBA program. On the university's official website, students can submit an application for IGNOU's OPENMAT entrance exam. Before taking the entrance exam, candidates must also fulfill the requirements for any specializations they desire to pursue.


Is Openmat necessary for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

Students interested in MBA programs at IGNOU's School of Management Studies can take the OPENMAT. IGNOU administers the OPENMAT, a national entrance exam for MBA and PGDM programs. The IGNOU OPENMAT exam is given by NTA twice a year in July and January. Candidates may apply for any cycle if they have grades that are acceptable. Management students who want to apply to MBA programs must take the OPENMAT.


How can I download the IGNOU MBA Rural Management prospectus in 2023?

By visiting the university's website and clicking on the prospectus link, students can get a copy of the IGNOU common prospectus. Students can get the entire prospectus, which will contain all information on the courses offered, the pricing structure, the eligibility requirements, and other important information, by selecting the option for a common prospectus 2023 on the IGNOU website.

All of the relevant information for students is available on the official website. On the website, students can find all the information they require, from the most basic facts about the institution to the most vital information regarding the course they are enrolling in. Find a virtual MBA here.


How can I download IGNOU MBA Rural Management Study Material in 2023?

Study resources and answers to any queries students may have about the course are available on the IGNOU websites. Two virtual platforms—eGyanKosh and Education Broadcast—deliver the online lectures. For soft copy notes and other question clearing sessions, the college now offers mobile applications. The learning resources are accessible to the learner via the internet. Students receive IGNOU e-content as soon as they enroll in the program.

Students can use the IGNOU e-content app to browse any program's curriculum. The eGyanKosh learning portal offers more than 2500 courses, study guides, and video programs. The convenience of having all of their study resources in one location is valued by IGNOU students.


What is the Top Distance MBA Rural Management Colleges in India for IGNOU Alternative?

Other alternative colleges offer the MBA degree in Rural Management besides IGNOU. Let's look at the universities that provide students with the Supply Chain Management course:

1. NMIMS - Deemed to be University

2. Jain University

3. Symbiosis Institute of Management

4. Chandigarh University

5. UPES, Dehradun


Can I get a Scholarship in IGNOU for MBA Rural Management programs?

Students can apply for a scholarship through IGNOU if they are interested in obtaining an MBA in Rural Management. According to specified criteria, such as the parents' income not exceeding INR 3 lakhs, scholarships are given out. The university's specified portals and platforms must be used by students to submit their scholarship applications. The scholars will be given a scholarship worth INR 1,000,000 throughout their MBA studies.


Does IGNOU offer Placements?

In order to further assist students in determining their career preferences, IGNOU now provides placement assistance to students. The Campus Placement Cell (CPC), a division of IGNOU, was established in 2005. The purpose of the placement cell is to help students with their placement activities and match them with the best options. The placement cell's mission was to assist students with their job search issues and provide career advice.

Along with student counselling and career counselling sessions, the Campus Placement Cell also organizes fairs and campaigns for placements. Campus placement departments at distance education universities actively urge students to enroll in their programs online while also assisting them in creating a promising future. Campus placement departments at distance education universities actively urge students to enroll in their courses online while also assisting them in securing a promising future.

Is there any difference between IGNOU MBA in Rural Management and IGNOU Distance MBA in Rural Management?

An online MBA in rural management is significantly less expensive than a traditional MBA program. The MBA distance program is advantageous to working people since it enables them to work in a more flexible environment. There is no difference between the IGNOU MBA and IGNOU Distance MBA programs because IGNOU only provides distance learning options. Related Reading: B.Tech. After a B.Sc.


What is the scope after completing an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

As was already mentioned, this degree offers great possibilities for one's future and career. Look at a few of the well-known employment opportunities provided by this program:

1. Rural Development Officer

2. Business Development Manager

3. Research Officer

4. National Sales Development Manager

5. Entrepreneurial Work

6. Sales Officer

7. Rural Executives

8. Project Coordinator

9. Business Development Executive



What are the benefits of pursuing a Distance MBA in Marketing from IGNOU?

Students can further their education in a variety of fields, including management, commerce, the humanities, science and engineering, and more, thanks to the variety of distant learning and open learning courses offered by IGNOU. The distance MBA is one of the most well-known management programs, despite the fact that IGNOU offers a wide choice of management programs. Some benefits that IGNOU provides to distance MBA students include the following:

The University of Grants Commission (UGC) and NAAC have acknowledged and given their seals of approval to this well-known institution.

The university is legitimate and valuable across the country because of its recognition.

For students who cannot afford the normal forms of these courses, IGNOU offers very affordable courses.

IGNOU also provides a wide range of specialties among its course offerings. The university offers many different MBA specialties.

The university is renowned for providing excellent instructors as well as a fairly accessible schedule to the students.


Let’s Wind Up

Students who complete a distance MBA in rural management will be able to find excellent employment opportunities with competitive salary and possibilities for career progression. For individuals who desire to study and work at the same time, an IGNOU degree will be a terrific place to start. Now is the time to make up your mind if you're still debating whether to move forward. Working professionals will find this to be one of the best possibilities because their lives are already too full. I think you now fully understand the IGNOU distant learning MBA program.


Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management AICTE approved?

IGNOU is a well-recognized university which is globally approved by the AICTE.


When to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

The university administers tests twice a year, with students having the option of taking their program's exams in June or December. Students who are unable to take exams in June will have the opportunity to do so in December.


How to apply for an IGNOU MBA in Rural Management?

Before applying for the IGNOU MBA in Rural Management, students must first meet the course's eligibility requirements. Following that, the pupils must take the university entrance tests.


Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, IGNOU MBA in Rural Management is valid for government and private sector jobs, for both of them.


Is IGNOU MBA in Rural Management recognized worldwide?

IGNOU's MBA in Rural Management degree will be recognized globally because it is a globally recognized university.


Is IGNOU MBA in a Rural Management degree valid?

Yes, IGNOU diplomas are recognized throughout the country. The university is well-known and accredited by the UGC and NAAC, which adds to its overall value.


When is IGNOU MBA in the Rural Management entrance test?

In 2023, IGNOU MBA admissions will be determined by the OPENMAT MBA university-level entrance exam. On April 11th, 2023, the OPENMAT was held.


How to apply for the IGNOU MBA in the Rural Management entrance exam?

Students must get the prospectus from IGNOU's official website. Then, using the application URL listed above, you can apply for the OPENMAT admission exam online.


How many times does the university conduct exams for distance MBA in a year?

Students can take their program's exams in June or December, with the university administering tests twice a year. Students who are unable to sit for exams in June will be allowed to do so in December.


How does a candidate become eligible for a 7term-end examination in IGNOU?

A student should be available for the minimum time period specified by the university; for example, a student pursuing a master's or bachelor's degree must be available for at least one year of study.


What is the duration to complete an MBA in Rural Management from IGNOU?

The minimum duration to complete an MBA in Rural Management from IGNOU is 2 years. However, the maximum duration to complete the same is 4 years.