B Tech Course After B.Sc Degree - Is It Possible In 2022?
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This article will provide the solution to your question about whether you can pursue a B.Tech degree after earning a B.Sc. Students frequently wonder how to enrol in the B.Tech programme or whether they qualify for the B.Tech lateral entry course. We therefore made an effort to respond to all of your questions, from entrance requirements to eligibility requirements.

After completing a B.Sc in IT and Computer Science, students can easily enrol in B.Tech in CSE or Bachelors in Technology Computer Science Engineering programmes. Candidates who want to enrol in the Bachelor of Technology programme should make note of the fact that if they hold a B.Sc. in either computer science or information technology, they can pursue a B.Tech lateral entry programme in that field. If you have completed a B.Sc in a field other than IT or computer science, you will not be able to pursue a B.Tech.

Get Admission In B.Tech Lateral Entry After B.Sc

A three-year undergraduate programme called B.Tech lateral entry is comparable to standard B.Tech. The sole distinction is that in the B.Tech. Lateral Entry programme, applicants are admitted immediately to the second year rather than the first. This is due to the fact that individuals are now qualified to apply for admission to the second year of the B.Tech. Computer Science programme after completing a B.Sc. in IT or Computer Science. As a result, rather than taking four years to complete, the B.Tech programme in lateral entry takes just three.

The BTech Lateral Entry admission procedure is different from the standard BTech admission procedure and is quite straightforward. Students are prepared for a variety of professional careers despite the fact that it is a three-year technical degree.

The Eligibility Criteria For Admission in B.Tech Lateral Entry

There are prestigious colleges that provide B.Tech lateral entry courses and these colleges want applicants who meet their specific admissions requirements. Therefore, candidates should keep the following requirements in mind before applying for the B.Tech. lateral entry course:

  • To be admitted to the B.Tech lateral entry programme, candidates must hold a three-year diploma in engineering.
  • In addition, most colleges require an average of 60 per cent in a three-year diploma course after the 10th or 12th grade.
  • However, students can choose whether to pursue a 3-year diploma following the 12th or 10th grade; in either case, you will be eligible for B.tech lateral entry.
  • Apart from diploma courses, you can apply for a B.Tech Lateral Entry even after the completion of a B.Sc degree in the following specializations:
    • Information Technology
    • Computer Science

Note: Candidates will not be able to take admission in B.Tech lateral entry if they have B.Sc degree in any other specialization than what is mentioned above.