What Is An MBA From IGNOU? (Whole IGNOU MBA Guide In 5 Min)
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The 2-year postgraduate course for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, also called as the IGNOU MBA, is accessible online. There is fierce competition in present era in almost every field of effort. Because of this severe competition, students struggle to decide what field to study once they graduate or, if they opt for a course, what kind of job they can get thereafter. Students can continue their study after graduation by enrolling in a distant learning MBA programme. Your distance MBA may help you gain entry to managerial positions in various divisions.

The distance MBA programme is an excellent option for people who want to acquire their MBA while still acquiring important field experience. The MBA in Management Studies degree provides excellent chances for all prospective applicants who aspire to pursue a career in management or work as a manager in a recognised firm. Management studies, on the other hand, especially MBA courses given part-time, online, or via distance learning, deal with the specific education and training of management talents.

IGNOU Distance MBA Course Details

University Name Indira Gandhi National Open University
Degree Postgraduate
Approval UGC-DEB | NAAC A++
Duration MIN - 2 Years | MAX- 4 Years
Age No Age Limit
Fees Incurred INR 2,12,440/-for full course
Eligibility Criteria Graduation from a recognized university
Specializations Marketing/Finance/HR/Production/Operations Management & more
Average Salary Offered INR 5 LAKHS TO 8 LAKHS PER ANNUM

How To Get Admission in IGNOU MBA 2022?

The application procedure for IGNOU's distance MBA programmes is one of the easiest and is based on a set of qualifying prerequisites. Students must apply to the relevant regional centre, along with the necessary fees and paperwork.

Students can check the prospectus on the internet to discover if they satisfy the prerequisites for any specific distance learning course. Students who intend to participate in the distance MBA degree really should have finished their undergraduate studies at a recognized board or university; otherwise, their application will be denied.


IGNOU provides a diverse choice of courses in both distant and open learning formats, allowing students to advance their education in subjects such as management, commerce, humanities, science and engineering, and others. Even though IGNOU provides a range of programs, a distance MBA is one of the most well-known management initiatives.

Does IGNOU Conduct Any Entrance Exam for MBA/Distance MBA?

Yes, students must take the IGNOU common management entrance exam to be admitted to the distance MBA  course. IGNOU's admission exam is called OPENMAT, and candidates can apply for it by visiting the IGNOU website.

What Is the Fee Structure of IGNOU MBA 2022?

The academic price for the distance MBA  course is ₹ 37,800, which must be paid in advance through bank draught issued by any scheduled bank in the name of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Students are responsible for sending the requisite amount to the relevant economic hub at the start of each session. IGNOU is well-known for offering distance learning courses at reasonable prices, allowing anybody to pursue higher education without hesitation. The university has removed financial constraints from students' lives.

What Is the Eligibility for An MBA In IGNOU?

To apply, students must have a bachelor's degree in any field from a nationally known university.
The CAIIB test, given by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, must be passed.
He or she must have at least two years of experience in banking and financial services.

What Is the Course Duration for IGNOU MBA?

The MBA  degree at IGNOU lasts a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years. Students must complete four semesters in two to four years. Employed students can complete the course at their own pace. As a consequence, people may learn and work in a more flexible environment.

What Are the Subjects/Syllabus In MBA IGNOU 2022?

The IGNOU Distance MBA syllabus is comprehensive, bringing together all of the managerial ideas from several disciplines in one location. Here is a list of all the disciplines offered by IGNOU's remote MBA  course:

YEAR 1 Management Functions and Behaviour, Management of Human Resources, Economic and Social Environment, Accounting and Finance for Managers, Management of Machines and Materials
YEAR 2 Marketing for Managers, Information Systems for Managers, Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications, Managerial Economics, Organisational Design, Development, and Change, Strategic Management

How to Apply for An IGNOU MBA Entrance Exam 2022?

To apply for IGNOU MBA admission examinations, applicants must first visit the university's official website. Choose "Register Online" and then "Entrance Exams" from the drop-down menu. Fill out the application form for the OPENMAT admission test after receiving it and submitting it.

Is Openmat Necessary for An IGNOU MBA?

Many students question if they must take admission tests for distant MBA programs. However, students are not required to take admission examinations for every distance MBA program, but they must take tests for IGNOU MBA programs. Students interested in pursuing an MBA at IGNOU must take the OPENMAT. OPENMAT is a national-level admission test for IGNOU's MBA and PGDM programs. The IGNOU OPENMAT test is held twice a year, in January and July. To be admitted to any MBA or PGDM programme, students must pass the OPENMAT exam.

Many candidates are unsure if they must take admission examinations for distant MBA programs. Students do not need to take admission examinations for every distance MBA program, but they must for IGNOU MBA. Students who wish to participate in the IGNOU MBA program must take the OPENMAT. OPENMAT is a national-level admission test for IGNOU's MBA or PGDM programs. IGNOU administers the OPENMAT test twice a year, in January and July. To be admitted to any MBA or PGDM program, students must pass the OPENMAT exam.

How Can I Download the IGNOU MBA Prospectus in 2022?

Students may obtain the IGNOU's common prospectus by clicking on the prospectus option on the university's official website. On the IGNOU website, students will discover the option of common prospectus 2022, which they must pick to access the whole prospectus, which will include all of the data regarding the courses offered, the pricing structure, the Eligibility Criteria, and other pertinent information.

Students will find all of the necessary information about the university, such as its accomplishments, distinguishing features, detailed information about the university's initiatives, eligibility criteria, and applications for IGNOU's online lectures, such as the IGNOU e-content mobile app and other similar applications.

How Can I download IGNOU MBA Study Material In 2022?

IGNOU makes study resources available to students and teachers on several platforms. There are repositories such as eGyan Kosh and mobile applications from IGNOU such as the IGNOU e-content mobile app that aid students in acquiring study materials and other program-related information.

Students can browse the curriculum for any program using the IGNOU e-content app. eGyan Kosh is a digital portal that offers study materials and video programs for over 2500 courses. IGNOU students gain from having access to study resources for several disciplines in one place.

Can I Get A Scholarship In IGNOU for MBA Courses?

IGNOU is a central university, and the Government of India provides scholarships to students. Students searching for scholarships can go to the GOI's National Scholarships site. Students can also apply for scholarships through the site, but be sure to examine the eligibility requirements of the scholarships granted. IGNOU MBA students can search for scholarships on the site and determine whether they are eligible for them.

Placement Assistance at IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has a Campus Placement Cell that was established in 2005 to aid students in obtaining work. The placement cell is in charge of all placement-related activities and supports students in finding meaningful jobs.

The cell was formed to provide campus placements and to resolve placement-related difficulties that may emerge among all students enrolled in all programmes. The university's Campus Placement Cell (CPC) arranges placement drives, career fairs, and employability improvement activities at the university's regional locations.

Distance education schools' campus placement units actively encourage students to complete their courses online while also supporting them in establishing a solid future. Campus placement cells at distance education schools actively encourage students to complete their studies online while also supporting them in obtaining a solid future.

Is There Any Difference between IGNOU MBA and IGNOU Distance MBA?

Many students question how IGNOU MBA differs from IGNOU distant MBA. To clear up any misconception, we'd like to inform you that IGNOU provides online and distance learning courses, which indicates that the university's courses are blended. IGNOU offers both distance and regular courses, hence there is no distinction between IGNOU MBA and IGNOU Distance MBA.


Distance courses are distinct from online courses in general, however, IGNOU has integrated distance learning courses into online learning platforms. IGNOU provides online learning to distance students through virtual meeting platforms. IGNOU, on the other hand, is still making progress in this field and launching new programs to deliver online education to all of its students.
IGNOU's distance and open learning courses are now the same since IGNOU now offers online classes to its distance learners. As a result, IGNOU distance MBA also refers to IGNOU online MBA.

What Is the List of Study Centers for the IGNOU MBA Program?

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides education through a decentralized system. More than 70 IGNOU study centres for MBA programs were located in over 67 different places where the university offers classes to students. The institution has study centres in Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Dehradun, and other cities. These regional study centres assist students from various places in obtaining enrollment, submitting assignments, and attending classes on weekends.


The distance MBA is a two-year postgraduate program available to students who have obtained a bachelor's degree in any field from a recognized university. Indira Gandhi National Open University is a recognized and well-known remote learning institution. I hope you got all of the information you needed about IGNOU's distance MBA program.