IGNOU B.Sc Syllabus Subject Wise - Guide 2023 [Download PDF]
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A bachelor's in science requires six semesters, which must be finished in three years. The course is offered in a variety of specializations, so there are many potential streams to investigate.

Students who have passed the 10+2 exam and have a minimum aggregate percentile in any stream, or an equivalent, are eligible to enroll in the program. For individuals with an interest in science and research, the course, which covers a variety of topics, is the best option. However, in this article we will read about the B.Sc. course's entire syllabus structure as well as the specialties it includes.


With over 7 million students, Indira Gandhi National Open University is well renowned for offering affordable distance learning courses. By making higher education accessible, the organization reaches a sizable population. Students who enroll in the B.Sc. degree may have a bright career in science, research, and technology in addition to distance learning. The college hopes to offer convenient distance learning to all students.

IGNOU B.Sc. Syllabus

As previously said, the course is an excellent choice for students with a strong interest in science and research topics. Let's have a look at the B.Sc. course's curriculum:

IGNOU B.Sc. Physics Elective Courses:

BPHE 101 Elementary Mechanics (2 Credits)

BPHE 102 Oscillations and Waves (2 Credits) (Both BPHE 101 & BPHE 102 have to be taken together)

BPHL 103 Physics Laboratory-I (4 Credits)

PHE-04 Mathematical Methods in Physics-I (2 Credits)

PHE-05 Mathematical Methods in Physics-II (2 Credits) (Both PHE 04 & PHE 05 have to be taken together)

PHE-06 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (4 Credits)

PHE-07 Electric and Magnetic Phenomena (4 Credits)

PHE-8L Physics Laboratory-II (4 Credits)

PHE-09 Optics (4 Credits)

PHE-10 Electrical Circuits and Electronics (4 Credits)

PHE-11 Modern Physics (4 Credits)

PHE-12L Physics Laboratory-III (4 Credits)

PHE-13 Physics of Solids (4 Credits)

PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III (4 Credits)

PHE-15 Astronomy and Astrophysics (4 Credits)

PHE-16 Communication Physics (4 Credits)

IGNOU B.Sc. Chemistry Elective Courses:

CHE-01 Atoms and Molecules (2 Credits)

CHE-3L Chemistry Laboratory-I (2 Credits) (Both CHE-01 & CHE-3L have to be taken together)

CHE-02 Inorganic Chemistry (4 Credits)

CHE-04 Physical Chemistry (4 Credits)

CHE-05 Organic Chemistry (4 Credits)

CHE-06 Organic Reaction Mechanism (4 Credits)

CHE-7L Chemistry Laboratory-II (2 Credits)

CHE 8L Chemistry Laboratory-III (2 Credits) (Both CHE-7L & CHE-8L have to be taken together)

CHE-9 Biochemistry (4 Credits)

CHE-10 Spectroscopy (4 Credits)

CHE 11L Chemistry Laboratory-IV (4 Credits)

CHE 12L Chemistry Laboratory-V (4 Credits)

MTE-3 Mathematical Methods (4 Credits)

IGNOU B.Sc. Life Science Elective Courses:

LSE-01 Cell Biology (4 credits)

LSE-02 Ecology (4 credits)

LSE-03 Genetics (4 credits)

LSE 4L Laboratory Course-I (4 credits)

LSE-05 Physiology (4 credits)

LSE-06 Developmental Biology (4 credits)

LSE-07 Taxonomy and Evolution (4 credits)

LSE 8L Laboratory Course-II (4 credits)

LSE-9 Animal Diversity-I (6 credits)

LSE-10 Animal Diversity-II (6 credits)

LSE-11L Animal Diversity Laboratory (4 credits) (LSE-9, LSE-10 & LSE-11L have to be taken together)

LSE-12 Plant Diversity-I (6 credits)

LSE-13 Plant Diversity-II (6 credits)

LSE-14L Plant Diversity Laboratory (4 credits) (LSE-12, LSE-13 & LSE-14L have to be taken together)

IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Elective Courses:

MTE-1 Calculus (4 Credits)

MTE-4 Elementary Algebra (2 Credits)

MTE-5 Analytical Geometry (2 Credits)

MTE-2 Linear Algebra (4 Credits)

MTE-6 Abstract Algebra (4 Credits)

MTE-7 Advanced Calculus (4 Credits)

MTE-8 Differential Equations (4 Credits)

MTE-9 Real Analysis (4 Credits)

MTE-10 Numerical Analysis (4 Credits)

MTE-11 Probability and Statistics (4 Credits)

MTE-12 Linear Programming (4 Credits)

MTE-13 Discrete Mathematics (4 Credits)

MTE-14 Mathematical Modelling (4 Credits)

Career Opportunities after B.Sc. IGNOU

There is a plethora of career options when it comes to B.Sc. The students are studying advanced levels of science and have an innovative mindset. Let us take a look at the job opportunities offered when one completes a B.Sc. in any of the relevant domains or in general:

Software Developer

Software Analyst

Computer System Analyst

Technical Consultant

Software Architect

Chemical Industries


Space Research


Why should you Pursue IGNOU B.Sc.?

A popular undergraduate degree among graduates of the 12th grade is the B.Sc. Additionally, the course enables students to explore a range of prospective job routes. Aside from that, the course helps students understand science and technology better and gets them ready for both higher-level exams and careers. There are open positions for software analysts, developers, and architects, as well as employment in crime and space research institutes, chemical industries, and petrochemicals. Students would also benefit from a B.Sc. in remote learning from IGNOU in terms of the value of the degree. The following are some advantages of enrolling in an IGNOU B.Sc. program:

- The primary advantage of distance learning is that it allows students to study at their own pace and from any location.

- The ability to gain work experience while still in school is the second benefit.

IGNOU provides both printed and online learning resources.

- Placement aid will be available to IGNOU B.Sc. students.

- If you enroll in a remote undergraduate program, you can take both undergraduate and diploma courses at the same time. You can do so to save both time and money.

Placement Assistance IGNOU

IGNOU's Campus Placement Cell (CPC) is a separate placement unit. The cell's goal was to help students find employment and receive career guidance. Since its inception in 2005, the Placement Cell has been a trusted source of assistance. To help students choose what is best for them, the school has considered this. The creation of the placement cell has shown to be quite advantageous. The goal of the placement cell is to make it simpler for students to find relevant employment opportunities.


What is the Duration of IGNOU B.Sc.?

The duration of IGNOU B.Sc. is 3 years, however, students get the time of 5 years to pass all the exams of IGNOU B.Sc.

Is IGNOU B.Sc. in the Yearly Mode?

Yes, IGNOU provides the B.Sc. course in the yearly mode, instead of semester mode.

What is the Academic Fee of IGNOU B.Sc.?

The total academic fee of IGNOU B.Sc. is Rs. 12, 500.