Which Is Better? IGNOU Vs Regular Online & Distance University
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One well-known open university offering distance learning and online courses in several Indian states is Indira Gandhi National Open University. The question of which university to attend—Regular University or IGNOU—appears. Therefore, we will compare IGNOU and regular universities with you in this blog post.

Describe IGNOU.

The renowned Indira Gandhi National Open University is well-known for providing students with a wide range of online and remote learning opportunities. This university's mission is to provide excellent education at a fair price to all segments of the economy. The university was established in 1985. Among the greatest and oldest universities in India is IGNOU. The UGC and NAAC are recognized as being of an A-grade. Additionally, the university's accreditation was accepted by the AICTE and gained international recognition. IGNOU provides authentic courses and specializations in several fields.

The institution is widely known in around 67 regional areas, and there are 21 schools with excellent faculty members available to all students. Course offerings at the university span undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and qualification levels. IGNOU offers about 677 courses in various specializations.

An Overview of Regular Universities

Regular universities are ones where enrollment requirements must be met regularly for students to graduate from any course. The typical university provides classroom instruction and regular admissions. Jawaharlal Nehru University, Lovely Professional University, Indian Institute of Technical University, Thapar University, Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Technology, and others are a few instances of ordinary universities. The purpose of these regular universities is to provide education to individuals who cannot or will not attend ordinary colleges.

Comparison Between IGNOU and Regular Universities



Regular Universities


IGNOU is a well-known university across Asia.

Regular Universities also hold a reputation. It depends upon the university.


IGNOU has a pan-India presence and also has study centres abroad.

Regular Universities are situated in a specific place from where you cannot get remote learning.


Aspirants can secure admission in IGNOU courses either based on merit or through an entrance exam. IGNOU accepts scores of entrance exams such as IGNOU OPENMAT, NCHMCT JEE etc to offer admission to candidates in different courses offered by it.

In the majority of the UG level programmes offered by any regular university, candidates are offered admission based on the cutoff. However, for the remaining UG and PG courses, admission is offered based on a candidate’s performance in the entrance exams conducted by different universities.

Ease of Attending Classes

IGNOU has its headquarters in New Delhi but its study centres are spread all over the country as well as abroad. Also, the university is now emerging into the online world and offering online classes to the students.

Candidates need to attend regular classes by visiting the college by themselves to complete the course. There is no option of taking online classes and doing self-learning when you are admitted to any regular university.

Study Material

The study material provided as part of IGNOU courses is vaster and contains all the information in an easy-to-understand format so that the distance learners can do self-learning.

Students need to buy their study materials from outside of the university. They have the option of learning from different writers.


Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at IGNOU. But the fee range for IGNOU courses is most affordable all over India according to the number of courses offered by the university approximately from Rs 2,400 to Rs 64,800.

Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at regular universities. The fees range of the regular universities is very high in comparison to open universities.

Difficulty Level of Exams

The level of difficulty of questions asked is moderate in IGNOU exams and aspirants need to be thorough with the subject at hand to perform well in the examinations conducted by the varsity. IGNOU exam papers are evaluated.

The level of difficulty of questions asked in any exam conducted by regular universities are extremely highly and apart from this, students often share that strict checking is done by the teachers.

The primary distinction between regular and open universitiesBasicallyThe open university offers online and remote learning programs in addition to its open admissions policy.The typical university offers classroom instruction and regular admissions.Colleges: Only IGNOU has accredited colleges in India; open universities only have study centres and institutes and no affiliated colleges.The traditional university has various study centres and institutions along with linked colleges.
ObjectiveThe Open University was established to give people who are unable to enroll in a traditional university access to higher education.The purpose of the normal university is to provide access to higher education for those who cannot or will not attend other types of schools.
ConclusionIGNOU is a great choice for you if you don’t want to attend regular classes to get any degree, diploma or certificate at affordable prices while on the other hand, regular universities have their own values. This blog will help you in comparing the regular universities with IGNOU. Hope you will find this blog informative.FAQsWhich University is Better: IGNOU or Regular Universities?If you want to acquire a degree without attending regular classes from a world-class open university then IGNOU is the best choice but if you can attend regular classes then regular universities are the best option.Is IGNOU a Recognized University?Yes, IGNOU is a recognized university by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various distance and online courses.Does the Degree Provided by IGNOU Valuable?Yes, the degrees provided by IGNOU are extremely valuable not only in India also abroad.Is Ignou Valid for Government Jobs?Yes, IGNOU is valid for government jobs as after completing the course you will get the chance to apply in the private as well as government sectors.