Which Is Better? Ignou Vs Delhi Online & Distance University
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Both Delhi University (DU) and IGNOU, which are recognized as the best universities in the nation, are renowned for offering top-notch instruction and the standing that applicants need to forge successful careers. The decision is between Delhi University SOL and IGNOU, nevertheless. If you're having trouble answering this question as well, this blog can assist you in doing so. This site allows you to compare DU SOL with IGNOU.

Describe IGNOU.

An Act of Parliament established the Indira Gandhi National Open University, or IGNOU, in 1985, and it started to provide academic programs in 1987. IGNOU enrolled 4,528 students when it first opened for business. IGNOU has been approved by the University of Grants Commission (UGC-DEB), and it has received an A rating from the NAAC. The well-known state-run university boasts excellent remote learning alternatives and a wonderful faculty.

IGNOU maintains a network of 67 regional centres and 21 Schools of Study. It boasts 29 international partner institutions in addition to over 2,667 learner support centres. The institution was established to provide open and distance education to people worldwide. In addition to receiving a legitimate degree, students also benefit from distance and online learning, which is made possible by a range of online platforms.

Courses offered at IGNOU

More than 2.8 million students are taught by the non-profit IGNOU in India and 15 other nations. 29 international centres, 2,981 learner support centres, and 67 regional centres work together to achieve this.

One of the most prominent universities in India, IGNOU offers more than 228 PhD, certificate, diploma, and degree programs. The 810 faculty members, 573 academic staff members at the headquarters and regional centres, and approximately 50,000 academic counsellors from universities, professional associations, and industry enable candidates to enroll in IGNOU courses.

Doctoral degree programs, MPhil programs, master's and bachelor's degree programs, diploma programs, certificate programs, postgraduate and advance diploma programs, postgraduate and advance certificate programs, non-credit programs, and online courses are among the courses that IGNOU offers.

DU SOL: What is it?

One of the most well-known universities in India is Delhi University, which is home to SOL, or the school of open learning. It was established as a Unitary and Teaching University in 1922 by a Central Legislative Assembly legislation, which was 63 years before IGNOU. The NAAC has awarded numerous colleges in the Du system ratings of A+ and A.

Delhi University is consistently ranked among the best universities in India by the Indian government's Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The Vice-President of India is the Chancellor of Delhi University, while the President of India is the Visitor. Moreover, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serves as the University's pro-chancellor.

Classes available at DU SOL

The Academic and Executive Councils have approved over 500 DU courses. 209 of these programs are taken into consideration for NAAC accreditation. The remaining courses that DU colleges provide have their activation.

Aspirants can pursue PhD, MPhil, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma programs at Delhi University's School of Open Learning.





IGNOU is a well-known university across Asia.

DU SOL is also a well-known university in India, frequently placing among the top universities in the country.


IGNOU has campuses all around India, as well as study centres in other countries.

Candidates who are taking a normal programme at Delhi University SOL must be in the national capital to complete their course.


Aspirants can enrol in IGNOU courses based on their academic performance or through an entrance exam. IGNOU accepts entrance test scores such as IGNOU OPENMAT, NCHMCT JEE, and others to admit students to its various courses. Here's how to apply to IGNOU.

In DU SOL the students can take direct admission to the courses on the basis of their marks. There is no need to give any entrance exam even for the master’s courses.

Ease of Attending Classes

IGNOU's headquarters are in New Delhi, but its study centres are located throughout the country and worldwide.

DU SOL has colleges only in New Delhi. Candidates who want to study in any other city can also pursue distance education courses offered by the university.

Study Material

The study material supplied as part of IGNOU courses is more comprehensive and organised in an easy-to-understand manner.

The study material offered as part of DU courses is adequate but students need to rely more on self-study while pursuing any course.


Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at IGNOU. But the fee range for IGNOU courses is approximately from Rs 2,400 to Rs 64,800.

Depending on the course pursued by candidates the fee varies at DU. But the fee range for DU courses is approximately from Rs 3,000 to Rs 81, 570.

Difficulty Level of Exams

The level of difficulty of questions asked is quite high in IGNOU exams and aspirants need to be thorough with the subject at hand to perform well in the examinations conducted by the varsity.
Apart from this, students often share that strict checking is done whenever IGNOU exam papers are evaluated.

The level of difficulty of questions asked in any exam conducted by Delhi University is moderate concerning the difficulty level.
Further, students share that lenient checking is done whenever DU exam papers are evaluated.

Two universities offer distance learning: IGNOU and DU SOL. Additionally, they both provide remote learning, which is a practical choice for students who need a flexible mode of instruction to acquire higher education and career skills. You can compare IGNOU and DU SOL using several parameters in this blog post.
Which University is Better IGNOU or DU SOL?
Both universities have different pros and cons but IGNOU is preferable if you want to get a valuable degree from an open university.
Is IGNOU a Recognized University?
Yes, IGNOU is a recognized university by the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau for offering various distance and online courses.
Is the Degree Provided by IGNOU Valuable?
Yes, the degrees provided by IGNOU are extremely valuable not only in India but also abroad.
Is Ignou Valid for Government Jobs?
Yes, IGNOU is valid for government jobs as after completing the course you will get the chance to apply in the private as well as government sectors.